Monday, August 10, 2009

Sticks and Stones Hurt

As most family knows, Cameron had a spell with a round of 2 kidney stones last weekend. He is not back to normal yet but real close. We went in this am and he had another CT scan. Then we went to the Doc appt and he can not see the 2 stones from last week. We are happy that that is over and he does not have other stones. We will now be going down to s child specialist down at Childrens Hospital here in a month or so to start the work on the how comes and whys.

So no more stones for our little guy for now! phew...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back To Blogging..our summer update

I have to admit that social media is a addictive venture. But how much do I really need to know about what people are doing? I enjoy connecting with people face to face, and have a real conversation and really make a difference and have a deep connection. So I am back to updating this blog for family and friends.

The summer started with a trip in June up to scout camp with Tyler and Conner. The camp was at the Medicine Mountian Scout Camp in South Dakota. The boys and I loaded up and we hauled ALL the Scouts packs in my DJ trailer to camp. We traveled on a Sunday and the rest of the scouts arrived late Sunday night. We got to our camp and it was a little rainy and after we got the tent hailed...hard and then it was clear.

I went as a "DAD" so I was just hanging out. I did take my outdoor cooking set up, which rocks so I lead the cooking adventures since we cooked at camp.

We made a nice area for them to cook and the food was not all that bad. I was glad we are able to cook at camp! The one thing I did do is not let the scouts cut stuff up that needed to get chopped. I thought us adults should do it...well...I should have let them do it.

I will tell you this...the top part of my thumb is just now 95% healed after I just about removed it with my 10" hunting knife while trying to cut a onion. I am now known as "Onion Man" by the scouts and was given an award for it. I do have to say that I did let the scouts do the first round of 1st aid for some real life experience.

I won "Most Painful Splash" in the scout master big hurt like__________!

I got some love from Chuck Springer and the other guys I went up with. They made this for me..a fake onion and all. Laugh it up people.

Tyler and Conner both did Indian Lore and I caught them in the TP.

We took a day off of camp and we all took off and hit Custer, Crazy horse and Mt.Rushmore. All very cool and I don't know why we have not taken the time to go just 5 hours away. I will say that those Black Mountians are really peaceful.

The boys also got the rifle, basketry, widerness survival, and a few other merit badges. Tyler is going to start his Eagle project in the next few weeks, so we are excited for him.

Football has started for Tyler and he is going to be the 2nd quarterback as well as linebacker and a few other things. I am not coaching this year but I am helping with warmups and stretching them out. School starts in a week, so there you have it.

Cameron is out of the hospital after a 3 day stay for Kindey stones and all that goes with that fun adventure. I dont have to much to say about that for now. He is going in for a CT scan tomorrow to see what he has passed. If they are not gone then they are going to get them moving or go in and get them out. Yep kidney stones at 7. no fun.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Long time NO update! Oh well, I think Facebook Killed the Blog but I think I would rather do the update than WASTE MY TIME ON FACEBOOK at this point.

The Fourth is now behind us and its time for summer to really settle in and get hot and all that stuff. I for one DO NOT LIKE THE HEAT. Brooke and I helped at the Fourth at Firestone, I was the Parade Marshall again and Brooke helped vendors get set up. The parade was excellent, no gaps and no one got the power lines all caught up in a grill like last year.
I have been filling my time working out doing P90X as of late. I am in a much better spot than I was, and Brooke and I have been doing it together. Alot of food changes and some great workouts.

Before P90X 30 days of P90X

60 Days of P90X

SO if your looking for a workout and food plan...look no further. I decided to become a Beachbody Coach so if you have questions ask away.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'pots on my pizza'

We were making french bread pizzas tonight & had just put the cheese on. Pierson said, "I wanna put pots on my pizza!" Hmmmmmmm. It took me a few seconds to get what he was trying to say. When I guessed right he nodded enthusiastically. He wanted to put 'spots' on his pizza......pepperoni!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fire "Banana" Hole!!!

While on our trip to Utah someone said "Fire in the hole" Pierce said it...Fire Banana Hole and it has stuck! So in finishing the base plate in the basment I found myself saying it for fun.

Today brings alot of RAIN to our neck of the woods, our back yard is full of water and I am sure I will have to go do something to get it to move down the side of the house, I dont know what that is yet but will get wet finding out. For those who live where it rains all the time I will no be quiet!

The Basment has started to clear out. Years ago when I put the walls in I did not put presure treated base plate in. So I went back a tore out the old and put it in. Should have...anyway...I moved some walls and gained about 12" in the bedroom. A few years ago we had some mice in down there. I found that they had gone into the dirt under the cement pad. I had 3 shovel fulls of dirt that I had to move, not real happy about that. It did me good to kill them all off!

Here is a really cool thing that happed last night. I was working in Golden and our district 1 car was dispatched to a suspicous vehicle. It was on a street next to a hill side. As we were standing in the rain looking at the cars, Shawn hit the hill side with his spot run 2 deer. Then he says " cool, a Mnt Lion" I say " bull crap" sure enough there he was, his eyes were orange in the light reflection and off he went. He was stalking those deer.

For a family update, just about all of us have been sick with a fever and cold, etc. Tyler is almost back to himself and others are still coming along.

That is about all I have for those who care!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I need to keep this up to date or just stop doing it all around. Tyler had his first Track Meet today. I have been by 1 practice and same for the meets and find them full of kids just hanging out. I will leave my comments to myself about how great hanging out is.

We have settled in after our trip and the fever everyone had is now going around. Conner and Cameron are the only ones not sick as of this typing and could change by the time I am done. I am still waiting for the green grass and mid afternoon showers. I won't hold my breath.

I am in love with theP90X program that I got. I have enjoyed the new energy, the great food and working out till I lay on the floor and cant breath. I injured my foot in 04 one night while on patrol. I had to get shoe inserts and wear them all the time. Not no more. Yoga is part of the program and I love the way I feel and think that is why. We don't buy special food and they lay it all out for you. I am in phase 2 and could eat a horse most of the time during the day.

I have not touched the basement or garage since I got back..I need to really bad.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long over due update!

I am not sure why I have not updated but I am sure I can come up with some reasons. It is now the first week in April and I have been gone since the 12th of March. Here goes a run down on life.

Brooke and I are alive and well, most of our little ones are now sick after a spring break in Utah. I went to Lake Tahoe for a conference and had a great time. I was very disipointed from a work aspect to not get some things done that needed to be done. I don't think I will be going again to grow business. The great time I did have was spending time with the people we had met there last year. Due to my high interest in DJ work, lights and music several of us went around to different clubs in the Tahoe area and I have to say was most impressed with a club in the south shore area where the venue was HUGE. I think it could have been better with a better DJ, I have been around to alot of clubs and that DJ sucked.

When we arrived at the club it was raining. When we left it was a blizzard. We alomost had to stay in south shore but I was driving and I will not be stopped by a little blizzard! Later inthe week I found out that some other people from the confernece got stuck and slept in cars down there:(

While I was gone, Tyler took on Track and Field at school. He will be doing Sprint, Long Jump and Relay. He will be taller than me by the end of summer. Conner is stilll doing piano and other various Conner activities.

I spent the last day in Tahoe, sking with my buddy Howards from LA. Skiing in Tahoe was a beautiful experience. Clear blue sky, freash powder, good music and good company! I had one fight with the hill, it won. I then packed up after skiing and drove to Utah where I stayed the night and chased the blizzard that hit Tahoe. I got home, slept in my bed 2 times and got up the second morning and drove to UTAH again.

We got into Cove and made great time, our little ones are great travelers. Grandpas house was very cold since they do not stay there all the time. getting into bed was a little brisk to say the least. We just hung out for a few days and watched the snow fall. It would fall, melt and fall again.
We took a trip to get a box of "FatBoy" ice cream rejects, they were inhaled by the boys. We packed up again and headed to Pleasant Grove where we spent the week.

We went to Thanksgiving point where my thin pocket book was drained by a silly dino park. I dont think we will be going back for that anytime soon. I did enjoy the fish tank at Cabelas. Pierson LOVED IT. We were able to meet up with a old Sunday school student of mine that lives in Lehi.

We made a trip to Temple square and ran into the Briigs from Church. Kinda funny where you find people. We got Conner a new set of leather scriptures and gave them to him for turning 12, this July, happy early birthday!

We stayed for Brookes sister Brittanys BDAY on Friday. I am debating on brining up a subject might get edited. For some reason, the Seely girls are very sensitive to others and don't want to hurt feelings and it effects making a decission. Us guys 2 of which are cops, make decissions and were ready to roll. So the decission was made early in the week to go to the Myan resturaunt. When it came time to go, it was back on the table not to go. We had 25 people going and that within its self is crazy. So I walk into the kitchen, " what do you think Trent" lets go!!!!!
Best move I made all week! I am not one for bad food and fun entertainment but that was a great time for all of us to hang out. For me it was one of the better times of the week.

That is about it. We drove home on I70 since I80 was closed. Made it on Dry raod 99% of the way. Got home to a safe house and gratful for a home and family. Back to school tomorrow!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A button, A screw, and no more potty seats and it only took a few minutes

Have you ever found that something is broke? We all have. How many of us, leave it alone, use the broke item for a long time? Then for some reason, you fix it and it only took a minute and its been broke for years?

The sun visor in our Surburban had a screw fall out if about 3 years ago. So for the past 3 years it has saged, swung and been a pain in the head at times. Yesterday, I went to the store, spent 10 cents...screwed it back together and was fixed... 3 years...

About a year ago my button came off my 3 button suite. Then another button, I was down to one button. It took the guy 5 minutes and wa-la. It is fixed. took me a year. why do we/I do this?

This week marked a huge step in a new direction in our home. We are not going to have any more children, and we tossed the potty seat yesterday. Brooke called me as the garbage man hauled it off. She said something like "bring on the teenagers" I know... she is talking all crazy talk like that. She does have a new attitude with the new dew.

That is about it for now, we/I am working on the basement and hope to have the framing all done by the end of the week. We will see how that goes.

Peace out.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Only for my mom...The fish I caught.

The one and only reason I am posting this is for my Mom, I am not patting myself on the back.

The following pictures are from the Gloden Police Departments 2008 Award Ceremony.
I was awarded the following. I cut it out of policy so you can all have the info.

Meritorious Service Medal:

A. The Meritorious Service Medal may be awarded to any member who:
1. Has conducted themselves in an exemplary manner, displaying
exceptional courage while serving in a duty of great responsibility
and importance during a critical incident.
2. In the performance of an act, a member is exposed to operational
risk and/or personal danger for a lifesaving or an attempted
lifesaving act in which extraordinary efforts were used.

This is my best buddy Seargeant Chad St. Aubin
He has been a great friend and...Ill leave it at that

There were 4 citizens who jumped into the river prior to me going in. With out that, we would have lost him. These are 2 of the citizens and the boy and his father.
Chief Bill Kilpaterick and I.
After for a group photo. It was a good night, glad it turned out this way.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whats new

A few weeks ago I kept hearing things like, " I want to cut my hair, I want to go shoping with Brittany....etc" So a week ago Saturday, I had heard enough and sent my wife on a 6 day trip up to see her sister Britany. I held down the fort, which did not burn down and nothing piled up, and she had "ME" time. She took her 4th Twilight book with her and she started and finished on the trip....phew....I don't know all the details, but she had a great time and I owe Kasey and Brittany BIG TIME. I don't know what I liked more the new hair dew or the big freaking smile she has had since she got back.

We pulled a permit to finish the basement a few weeks ago and decided that the big bathroom down there could be moved to make room for a nice work area. So....

I gave Tyler a hammer and Conner wanted nothing to do with it....and the drywall started to fly. We got it all laid out now, giving us 24"...might not seem like much...but it gave us a nice little work space and allows us to have a window that otherwise would have been in a furnace room.

I took ALL 5 children to the the same time, while Brooke was gone. This is Pierce, with his cool shades on. They all did really good and I survived!

I had to get Taylor some new sheets and blanket...

Ohhh...Bella and Edward ate sweet.....

It was fun to pick up Brooke, I still can't take my eyes off of her. I have only known her with LONG hair. That goes for all of you too. She has a little attitude with the new dew as well, but I like it.

I was notified this week that I will be getting a award at the Police Award function this week. I am so glad that everyone went home that night.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Center of Life

After going to Church today I got to thinking about what is at the center of peoples lives. It made me think what is at the center of my life and how that has changed over the years. I have no desire to post personal things in my life so tuff.

Our world is a rushing river of information and everything now. The media can report form anywhere in he world in a instant. They know what is going on before the people involved knows what is going on. Addiction is rampant in all its fourms, food,drugs,sex,media,music,email,the internet,pills,parties, get the idea. In going through the challanges of life it has caused me to look at my own and look at what the center of my life is.

My brother Brandon asked me to read a booked called The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It brought me to discover the egoic mind/ aka the natural man. The book is over my head for the most part but I enjoyed the read and it will become part of my study through life. It did bring to light the way I have reacted to the events that occur in life. In doing so, I found that most people get so wrapped up in it that their hearts fail them. The get so caught up in the "world" all the media, all the hype and they forget that everything is really ok. If we really think that the things we belive in are true, we have prayed for the last days to come. We pray for Christ to come again, and here it is and some are running around thinking the sky is falling. No, your heart is failing you because of the center of your life, or lack of.

Don't belive the hype. It is OK.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Moment

Last night Tyler and Conner had a scout court of honor. Both of them got the Emergency prepardness merit badge. Due to some dumb rule Conner did not get his yet since he needs to complete another merit badge before he gets this one. I think that is about dumb.

I still don't have my wife back from her Twilight book. She has about 100 pages left so that is good, maybe today she will show up. She has taken over the hard-expert setting on the drums in Rock Band. I was able to get her away yesteday and take one of my suits to get fixed, so that was nice. I have already been told that she will be finishing the book today.

It was 70 here last week, and then it went down to zero now were back up to 20! Gotta love Colorado weather. Our Mnts are getting big PHAT snow flakes this week;)

I will be picking up our permit to finish the basement today. I hope to make some progress with that in the next few months. We need the extra space!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Have lost my family!

During the holidays Tyler and Conner wanted to get Guitar Hero. No way on this earth was I going to get that game with all the crappy metal songs and wanna be hoes. I had heard of Rock Band but did not really look into it. We had dinner with good friends a few weeks ago..the night I fell, and Candice offered for us to play. We did not but Matt and her like the game and It got me thinking about it.

The boys wanted to get that a few weeks ago so I checked it out and it sounded good. SO they pooled the money and we went and got it last night. The VERY INTERESTING part of this is BROOKE! She is a Rock Band Star! We got this hooked up last night at about 6pm. She came to bed AFTER MIDNIGHT. Her and Tyler stayed up and I was OUT by the time she rolled in.

Now the best part. We went and picked up another guitar tonight so now we are running full on stuff. At 8 we started putting the little ones down and Brooke washed her hair. She informed me that she was going "down" to "kick the boys off, and were going to do scriptures and THEY ARE GOING TO BED." I told her that was great. Then SHE tells me that she has to go do a "SET" in London with the boys.....


Never in my married life have I seen her like this...I am all smiles and think it is GREAT! She is like a kid in a candy store! I have surround sound and a projector down there and it is quite the set up.

Anyway, life is really good here, we have had 70's for highs last week and our grass was turning green. We are putting in for a permit to finish the basement. We are at that point. It will cost us $$$ to do it with the family TV set up we are putting in. The bathroom is already there and we will put in a small L shaped desk for computers and the rest of the room will be for our family to watch movies and play games and the boys bedroom down there.
I found the sore spot in my foot this week where I hurt it. When you kneel down on the ground, your feet lay flat...that is the spot I hurt. I did that this week and for a few moments could not put weight on it when I got up. Still very sore after 2 weeks. I went to Golden for a night this week and had a great time. Got myself a DUI driver and helped on a felony drug traffic stop. I really love working out there, I really enjoy the officers there. It is my home!
The children are all healthy and doing well in school. Brooke is busy and I help her alot since I work from home most days. I did 5 loads of laundry just today.

We are kicking the idea around of heading out to Utah in Febuary, Hillary I love you, With a very deep love but your snow sucks! But I would still love to fall in it and try out "riding."
I am going out to Tahoe in March for a conference and hope to do some skiing with my buddy from LA.
We are all excited about the decision to go to Mnt Rushmore for Scout camp. They have a family site and I will go as a adult leader. That will go down in July and were going to make a trip to see Brandon and family in June.
That is what I know for now...Love to all family and friends!!!
TJ have all seen the "shamwow" infomercial....I just ordered the "slap clap" from the same guy..I am looking forward to getting that is COOL!

Friday, January 16, 2009

5 Years ago Today..Happy Birthday Taylor

5 years ago at the very moment I am typing this, my wonderful world was coming to a very sudden stop. Brooke and I started the day, heading off to Longmont United Hospital, and looking back if I knew then what I know now, I would not have had any concern during that day. Brooke was overdue with our only girl and the little girl was ready to come into this world with the help of modern medicine.

We got there and were settled in and met our Nurse, Polly. Brooke was to be induced and that is what happend. We went through a long day of contractions, the movie "freaky friday" and other stuff. It became time for Taylor to come and it went in a very interesting direction. Brooke had experienced 3 other births and we had no complications and this delivery would make up for that. If I remember right, Brooke was beyond tired and the room was full of doctors, nurses and people being busy for a new baby to come.

I have always loved watching our childs heart rate and listining to the heart beat. Soon this became my worst nightmare. Taylor's tones would drop, pause and stop and her hart rate would drop during contractions. This went on for some time and the concern was written all over our good doctors face. The feeling in the room changed and it became clear that Taylor would need to be delivered a diffrent way than expected. The doctor sat next to Brooke and told her what needed to happen and he checked her one more time and then, something changed again and it went from, "sorry" to " lets go NOW" (I am not going into details here but you get the drift.)

within a moment Brooke was out the door and down the hall with nurses and doctors moving really fast. I knew they had to move fast and I was right behind them with Polly trying to get me ready to go into the operating room. It was only a few minutes, but seemed like 10. The doc had swung into "get this baby out right now" mode and I was trying to be a good husband. Brooke was feeling no pain and was warm. Brooke could not see the doc but I sure could, within a moment he was trying to get Taylor out and he could not get her. Brooke was no longer happy and this is where it all started spinning for me. I heard the doctor say/yell that he had "cord around the neck and arm" the drug doctor was now concered about Brooke's stats and I saw her eyes roll. That is when it dawned on me that I might not be going home with a wife, or a baby.

Another doctor arrived and the tension was high. There were alot of very direct orders from the doctor to nurses and he finaly had Taylor, as blue as could be and not moving at all. I remember as though it was happining right now. I knew it was bad, Brooke was back and she kept asking why the baby was not crying. She turned to the drug doc and told him she wanted to be out, the nurses wrapped Taylor up, and showed her to Brooke and Brooke was out. Another doctor came in and took a storm. The fury was around Taylor, her lung was collapsed, her blood pH level was way off and they could not get a "line" into her and the doctor turned to me and told me to start signing forms because Taylor was going to leave, "right now."

Being the "cop" where I fix things, I am in control, and I fix things. I could not fix this. My wife barley made it, Taylor was still blue and Iwas alone in the midst of controled chaos. I signed the forms and they performed a procedure to put a line into her belly button. I asked if Taylor would make it and the doc said she would but was not staying here but going to Childrens, ASAP and the call for the "flight for life" crew was already put in. They were en-route from Denver and Brooke was being taken to recovery. I got there and it was around 1030 at night. Brooke was not really with it when the flight crew showed up. They worked on Taylor for about 45 minutes and had her ready. The crew was very kind and I knew the nurse from my police work which lightened the load. There was my new daughter hooked up to several machines, lots of beeping things and Brooke reached out for her and put her hand into the incubator she was in. The flight nurse then handed me a black and white striped zebra with a flight for life bandana.

There I stood there with a stuffed animal in my hand as I watched them leave, Brooke was still out of it for the most part. I think some of my family showed up and I called Nelson and Trish. I can't remember what I said. I went home for a while and tried to sleep. I got up around 3am and went to Childrens. I lived in Childrens ICU for a week and went to see Brooke everyday. I remember the first time the hospital let Brooke go to see Taylor. It dranined Brooke, but so worth it. Taylor had a feeding tube that she pulled off her face and got rid of a week or so into it. Brooke was released and then we spent our time at Childrens for a few weeks.

Just typing this tonight takes me back to that night. And tonight, she is very strong, has very strong feelings and is TOUGH as nails with her brothers.

Brooke paid another price to get Pierson here, so needless to say, no more children out of this home.

Happy birthday to our one and only little girl!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The last week in review....Laugh if you want...don't let me catch you laughing...

To the untrained eye this is just a simple set of stairs leading into the garage. You can see the items heading out to the trash and some plastic things. But to me..this was the site of the closest I have come to death. See the light gray case on the floor? That is a empty case for one of my hand guns. It was placed on the top step by me when I cleaned the garage Saturday. I left it on the step and turned out the lights and went inside. Brooke cleaned out a kitchen drawer and noticed it was in need of some handy man work and asked me to fix it.
I took the drawer and headed out into the garage. I opened the door and stepped with my right foot, that was the last thing I remember...except for the man yell that came out...and I hit the floor with my head by the pink po-go stick. For the record..I still had the drawer in hand...without a scratch. I hurt in ways I did not know I could hurt...(now is when you start laughing) I was in shock and did not move...even a little. I noticed that my left foot hurt like it just got ran over and my right hand was numb. At this point my wife came to the rescue....NOT........She opened the door and asked me if I was ok and she did not know what to do so she went back inside. I was trying to tell her NOT to leave. It felt like my foot had moved somewhere close to my waistline and my hand next to my elbow. I was really glad I did not hit my head, that I figured out quickly. Brooke came back, only after the little ones had thought I died.
I began to move my hand at first..touching it and feeling for bones sticking out of the skin. Then I sat up. If I knew what it felt like to break a foot, that pain was my guess. after a few minutes I got the backbone to try and stand. It took a few minutes to get on it but I did and it was VERY sore, but little sharp pain. I had pain in spots all over my body all day saturday, we had a great evening with Matt and Candice at their place. Candice asked if I "caught air" which I am sure I did. A few minutes after the crash Brooke said I had "Rachelle-itis" from Rachelle's tendency to tumble down stairs & break bones in her feet.
So we went down to the Jones and had a very peaceful evening, excellent food and great conversation, with a very sore foot. But today it has been very good. So I am grateful I did not smash my head and die!
On Sunday I made a pork roast and it looked so yummy!
Pierson and Taylor made a mess and did not look so yummy!

and Pierce and I don't like to take pictures!
I spent the whole day in Weld County Court for Jury duty. It is tough to be seated on a Jury when you have been a cop and have several wins under the belt for child assault cases.
By the way.... the grey plastic ended up across the garage......laugh it up.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is OVER :(

Yesterday marked the final day of the Holidays for our house. ALl the lights are down, both trees are down, it took all day yesterday to get the tree down after several breaks. Some of it is still in the garage that needs to be boxed and put up which will happpen today. We will also be going through things we dont need. The Christmas decorations take up a 4x8 deck in the garage. I built it when we first moved in. I park my DJ trailer in the gargae and so right above that is the deck. I added another 4x8 deck neck next to it last year for items from our shop when we moved. I put another deck up for more camping stuff. It will now be time to rearange the decks and THROW out the things we do not use. I have enough tools to build about anything.

SO the Children are all back in school, I am doing work stuff and Brooke is back to her normal things...I think. Here is to a different year from the rest.

Peace out

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The final hunting trip and 2009 (caution dead Elk Photos)

I find it intersting how a new day and new year makes you feel.
The day after Christmas Tyler Conner and I were back on the road with my dear friends heading to Craig for one last go at getting a ELK. On Friday afternoon we got there and we got STUCK AGAIN.
Notice the Chains on the tire.....We suck. We dug our way out and went back to the hotel wondering why we went.
We got at it early and got into a large heard of Elk that had come across during the night. Tyler and I gave chase on foot while Conner hung out in the car and stayed warm, it was about ZERO freaking degrees with a wind chill of freeze your butt off. We watched a several hunters shot at the heard and took some cows out. We could see where they were at and took off. I noticed a few tracks leaving the heard so we followed those, looking for the dumb ones of the heard. We found one and Tyler got his first and only chance at a cow at about 250-300 yards. His first shot got the left rear hoof, not sure how we got there, the next one went through the lungs. I watched her go down in some deep snow and we took off and tracked her down.

Bone from 1st shot

2nd shot,

I will spare the weak, and not post the other photos I got. It was so Cold that within a few minutes Tyler got really cold and thanks to Brent, he was able to get warm and we got the elk cleaned out and taken care of. We had a great time and were glad to get home. Brent got 3 elk and it was a bit later in the day and a lot colder. I never knew it could get that cold. Tylers Elk got cut up last night into hamburger and steaks, I have pictures of it all if you want to see, even Tyler cutting up his steaks.

All the steaks are in the freezer!