Friday, October 31, 2008

Let's get High!?

How much sugar can kids eat in one night? We have enough candy in house to kill a cow. If we eat all of it we will look like a cow! We started our night at the Church with Trunk-or-Treat. Then home for some cardboard pizza and off again. THis year is a bit different, our Big Boys are too BIG to hang with us low folk and my hair is not long enough to be cool so we got ditched.

THe long hair is bringing me to the fact that my boys should thank the Man upstairs for a loving mom. If it were up to me, they would have hair cuts every week, HIGH AND TIGHT! SO what is wrong having a nice High and tight hair cut? This shaggy DA hair trend is coming to a end tomorrow in this house. And I have already heard the crys from the BIG boys who now sound like wrimpering girls, look deep into my eyes and ask me if I give a crap about your long hair. Cry me a river.

So, Brooke has not posted about this so I will, I won't be surpirsed if this part if deleted really soon, so read fast.

The other night we had a firework show....inside our the oven! You would have thought the house was going to blow up form the gasp from Brooke as the heating element in the oven started to what ever it was doing, but there was liquid steel in there and lots of bright flashes of multi-colored lights.

I found a new heating element, and the guy said that one reason they go out is due to food getting on them and wearing that spot out.

SO I tell Brooke this........I have to ask you first...when was the last time you cleaned your oven and how?

She tells me that she has NOT cleaned the oven....EVER! She has ran it in the self cleaning cycle a few times but never got a can of Easy Off tocleanit....She is now MAD at me for putting this on our Blog. If I die you know at who's hands I fall!!!!

SO being the excellent husband I am...I pulled the oven out, observed food that had been there since the creation of earth, and cleaned the oven. Easy off made it a snap. And our oven is now back in service, never to be cleaned again!

Happy Freak's Day Out!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

We threw a party for Cam's 7th b-day this last week. 9 friends came, so it was energy overload for 2 hours! He said it was the best day of his life, so I think we did okay.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

34-0 We WIN!

Tyler and Derek watching the game before ours.

Then Tyler and his buddy Ryan wearing the #1 medal for smokin Altona...can you say


My D was more than the BEST!!!!

TJ scored on a 30 yard pass in the 1st quarter, he had some great stops. It was a great way to end the season.

Ashlie & Adrian & Zoie, Mom and George and Grandpa John all came to watch. I was really happy that they all made it and Tyler was all smiles when he found out who came. My Mom was screaming...."That's my GRANDSON" when he scored....she was sitting by Brooke....on ALTONA'S side.....That is my mom...always looking for a fight!

As a dad I don't even know what to say about watching a healthy young man go out and play great at his positions. He is fast, smart, and very good. As a coach he made me look good and as a dad...he makes my heart smile.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Big week!

Tyler and his team pulled off another win and will now be heading to the Championship game aganist the the only team that beat them this year. We had our QB go out early in that game and I have every expectation that we will win and win big.

Tyler also got a surprise this week from Grandpa John. While my dad worked in the steel business, years ago, he got several guns from different people. He got a Browing 30.06 BAR along time ago and I have hunted with it for years and shot alot of animals with it. Grandpa gave it to Tyler on Saturday. So now he has himself a really nice hunting rifle and a new .22.

Conner has started his Coalridge Basketball practice. They only play 8th graders and some 7th graders,but not 6th graders. I hope he enjoys basketball as much as I did.

Camerons birthday is this weeks, I hope we get the right presents for him. He is SO into his toys!!!!

We are going to have to move to the country so we can enjoy shooting and Brooke can get a horse.

We have lots of pictures that I am to lazy to download and put on here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Never let school get in the way of education

I was making a trip for the 2nd time this week up to Oak Creek ( Steamboat Springs, CO) today and had to ask the boss if I could take Tyler and Conner. After pulling teeth, she agreed and We took off this am. We made a little stop on the way to the mine, and pulled out the guns we took and spent 1.5 hours shooting. Ty wanted to buy some fruit on the way up so he could shoot it. The .06 was sighted in 6 " high at 50 yards to he layed the smack down witht the .243. I was missing my .223 which would have been a really nice add for a fruit smoothie.

We went and did our business at the mine and turned and burned. We saw the best the rockies have to offer in the area and we stopped by a Dominos Pizza place and had dinner on the way back.

I love my boys!!!! They make me smile!


Friday, October 10, 2008

I love fall. If any of you watched the movie 'You've Got Mail,' I feel exactly like Meg Ryan's character about autumn & new school supplies!
Taylor is in preschool & thriving. It is largely a social experience for her, but girls need that, right? Preschool fieldtrips have also begun, thus the firestation picture. Pierson tagged along with us & was in hog heaven! Speaking of our (3-year-old) baby, I love his sweet little chubby cheeks.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back to the gym

After fighting a foot injury, hand injury, and just being lazy, I returned to the gym this week to live a healthy life. I went in and found several of the same people working out that were there 3 years ago. The funny thing....THEY LOOK THE SAME! That is good and bad. A friend who was in shape is still in shape and a friend who has a gut....STILL HAS A GUT! It was so funny, when I asked him how it has been he was quick to tell me he has been working out since I last saw him. I told him that was great and went about my way.

If I do not look different in 6 weeks...someone tell me, or smack me.

So I will work my way back into the weekly work out and I hope my friends will get past the rut they are in.

I have alot to blog about.....but I will wait until Brooke and I have a grasp on our new life with a teen in the house.

Our parents can stop laughing now.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Here are some photos, this one is from Frederick HS homecoming game, the young lady in the middle is Tylers
"girlfriend" I am not sure what that means....and there you have it. The phone rings and rings all day after school. I guess that I scare them when they call, but I do not mean to...maybe they feel guilty cuz they are up to no good.

Do I really need to say anything about this one of Brooke? That couch is VERY soft, when she reads a book, she checks out, and in the sunlight, enough said.

Here is a picture of Challenger, his wing spand is 7-8 feet. very cool.

Turntables set up during the forum. I look at this and smile for the times that view casued so many people to dance.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What just happened?

Where do I begin? I have not updated the blog for a few/several weeks and have been out of town.

Dad Travis and I packed up and headed out to LA for 9 days for a CEO space forum. I staffed the event and Dad and Travis did the forum. We had speakers from Howard & Kimber Lim to Mark Victor Hansen and Lisa Nichols. Being on Staff I was able to meet all of them and even had Lisa Nichols steal my badge and play cop while we escorted her around. Lisa is one of the people behind the secret. Howard is a dear friend and we had a chance to grab dinner before it all started and I got a ride in his band new Aston Martin.

I also got a hour or so with Challenger. Challenger is a bald Eagel that flew over the crowd during the National Anthem. VERY COOL.

On Saturday night we all got together, Howard, Travis, Evan, Katie, and Jillian went to a club on Hermosa Beach called Cruz Room where DJ Meegs and her 2 boys were playing the best house Tunes I have heard in a long time. We took over the dance floor and closed the place after dancing all night.

After a long week we headed home and here we are.

While I was gone, Tyler turned 13! That is right, We are getting OLD! Guess what we bought him....go on guess........

A cell phone. at this point in the night he has sent around 100 text messages. Thus the title of the blog.....

I will try to update with pics and stuff tomorrow!