Monday, October 20, 2008

Big week!

Tyler and his team pulled off another win and will now be heading to the Championship game aganist the the only team that beat them this year. We had our QB go out early in that game and I have every expectation that we will win and win big.

Tyler also got a surprise this week from Grandpa John. While my dad worked in the steel business, years ago, he got several guns from different people. He got a Browing 30.06 BAR along time ago and I have hunted with it for years and shot alot of animals with it. Grandpa gave it to Tyler on Saturday. So now he has himself a really nice hunting rifle and a new .22.

Conner has started his Coalridge Basketball practice. They only play 8th graders and some 7th graders,but not 6th graders. I hope he enjoys basketball as much as I did.

Camerons birthday is this weeks, I hope we get the right presents for him. He is SO into his toys!!!!

We are going to have to move to the country so we can enjoy shooting and Brooke can get a horse.

We have lots of pictures that I am to lazy to download and put on here.

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