Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Never let school get in the way of education

I was making a trip for the 2nd time this week up to Oak Creek ( Steamboat Springs, CO) today and had to ask the boss if I could take Tyler and Conner. After pulling teeth, she agreed and We took off this am. We made a little stop on the way to the mine, and pulled out the guns we took and spent 1.5 hours shooting. Ty wanted to buy some fruit on the way up so he could shoot it. The .06 was sighted in 6 " high at 50 yards to he layed the smack down witht the .243. I was missing my .223 which would have been a really nice add for a fruit smoothie.

We went and did our business at the mine and turned and burned. We saw the best the rockies have to offer in the area and we stopped by a Dominos Pizza place and had dinner on the way back.

I love my boys!!!! They make me smile!


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