Friday, November 28, 2008

Teeth and Turkey

The last week has been a very interesting week, involving pain, turkey, xbox,fixing the wii, and putting the finishing touches on the decorations.

For the last 2 years I have had a little pain in one of my teeth. I would bit just right and it got my attention and it hurt. I have a friend I have known since we were 5 or so who does root canals. So I went up to his office a few weeks ago and he took a look at it. He found a crack in my #19 tooth, bottom back left side. He thought a crown would work, but the pain was coming from the tooth in front of it.

I went around for another few weeks and could not take the pain anymore and set up the work for the day before Thanksgiving. I have to say, when you hear of this you only hear horror stories. The worst part was the 5 ' long needle to numb my tooth. The Doc thought I has going to rip my own hands apart. I had some discomfort during the whole thing, but I have to say, it was better than ANY other thing I have had done.

So his assistant is a good friend of mine, and I have known Scott for all my life so during it, we all got to laughing and He stopped and I was crying trying to hold the glasses on my face. Who would have thought you could have so much fun. I had a little pain during the night but nothing much, less than what I was having before.

I ate yesterday and never once felt the pain, not even sore.


On the day I had my tooth done, Cameron had one front tooth hanging my a thread, so I helped get that one, then yesterday morning, I looked at the other one and it was just as loose. But around here....Dad cannot pull teeth since it was a bad experience for someone else...So I told Cam just to pull it out...and he did!

So all he wants for christmas is his 2 front teeth!

Oh and here is a pic of his new glasses. I can't remember if I posted them or not.

We had 18 people over for Thanksgiving dinner!!!

It was fun, I had all the house done up with the trees and decorations. We set up some other tables and I made white chocolate pretzels, yummy warms drinks, and Rachelle made her shrimp dip. It was so yummy.

I did the Turkey, I was going to do it int he Dutch Oven, but Dad did not want it done that way, so I did it in the bag int he oven. I took onions, POtayTOES, apples, oranges and pineapples and put them in, on and around the turkey. I covered it with salt and pepper and LOTS of butter. cooked in a bag for 3.5 hours and it was the best turkey I have had. I think the timing was just right. I have decided I will be getting the stuff to deep fry one.

We had lots of left overs for eveyone.

It is always funny to bust on who ever needs it and there was alot of laughs, I said the prayer for dinner and Mike busted a picture during it and almost brought the place down with giggles. Nichole was shooting up afrin and Rachelle had Vicks at the table, Travis had a bad hair cut and....well never mind.

It was fun to have the little ones at their own table
And that is that.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tis the Season.....

Well...the lights are up on the house....we have decorated half the house......and will happen.........THE tree will go up....not the 4 ft tree....not the 8 ft tree......the 14 ft tree will take shape and heat the house for the next 2 months.

Here is a run down on the AMP load that is required for our home.

Each strand of 100 multi color lights pulls 0.2 amps

So, our 8 foot tree has 1300 lights on it running 2.6 amps...not bad for 13 strands of 100 lights.

The village has 300 white lights under it.

The house pulls 14.6 amps. These are the C6 lights.

THE TREE runs 20 amps....just for the tree. That's 10,000 lights on the tree.
it will take 4 hours just to do the lights.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The runaway and a sleep over

Last night I tried to find a young man who had been reported as a runaway. As I worked the call, I found myself thinking of our boys. I am so glad I have the challenges I have with them and not the challanges others have. I will take the things like....he is texting all the time, he wants to go over to a friends house and play games, he has a full plate etc.

TJ was funny last night, he called and asked if I had "beat anyone up yet?" I laughed, the preception of me getting into a fight...Ha...comeone not me. For the record, I have not had a fist to cuffs fight in 4 years and that was with a woman that tossed me across the room.... she lost....taser won.... Mind over fist works much better! Verbal Judo!

Anyway, he wanted to have a sleep over. We do not let them sleep somewhere else, you can blame me for that, it's not going to happen...EVER! But on my way home Ipicked up some goodies and came home. It was 930 and the house was DARK. ALL the lights were off. Why are all the lights off? I thought we were having a sleep over? Where is Brooke and all the little ones??? I walked into the house with a bag off goodies in my left hand and came into the kitchen. This is where I had a moment....why is someone standing in my the dark....and its not someone I know? Need I remind you......I am in full uniform......there is someone in my house...........
I was going to a kneeling position as I stepped back and turned on the lights and there stood Evan, my sons friend. Playing hide and seek in the dark and Ty and his buddy were under the table.

Glad it was Evan and not some freak in my house. So this am the house smells like rolls and they are like walking dead. Sleep over = stay up all night and get NO sleep.

How much cash would you take?

GOLDEN - Three schools were put into lockdown on Friday afternoon while police searched for a suspect who had robbed a nearby bank. They believe the same man has robbed two other banks.

The FBI says the man they have dubbed the JV Bandit robbed the U.S. Bank on Jackson Street in Golden around 12:45 p.m. on Friday. He got the name JV Bandit because he wore a varsity or letterman type jacket during one of the robberies. The jacket is described a dark jacket with tan sleeves and has no noticeable markings. Friday, the robber passed a note to the teller demanding money and hid his hand inside his jacket as if concealing a weapon. He left the bank after getting an undisclosed amount of money, according to the FBI. No one was injured. Police requested that Golden High School, Bell Middle School and the Johnson Program go into lockdown during the search for the man, but the lockdown has been lifted. Police believe the JV Bandit also robbed a Chase Bank on Colfax Avenue in Lakewood on Oct. 9 and a bank on Arapahoe Street in Golden on Oct. 14. If anyone has any information regarding any of the robberies, please call the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force at 303-629-7171.

So I wont go into too much detail with this since this is ongoing. I had just put all my gear into my car, was testing my lights and siren in the back lot when this came out. I was 3 minutes out and followed another officer into the area. We did contact a man with a simular jacket, it was a bad day in Golden to be wearing that style of jacket. It was a very impressive moment to be involved in, but wont spell it out here, if you really want to know, I would love a phone call. We thought we had eyes on him a few times but all trails ended in a big fat nothing.

I know how much he got, but how much would make it worth it?
If the guy would just hold on for a while longer help is on the way, all the "spreading the wealth around" should start in a few months.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Three Women in Church and our new President

What a sad week for our country and a great moment in history.
I have found it so sad that our republican party has been given such a black eye for a President who has kept you safe and sound in your homes at night. How fast the media can change your minds and perception of reality. What a great mastermind Lucifer is when it comes to him spreading his work on this earth.

President Bush will and should go down as one of the greatest presidents. While I can find faults, I choose to thank him for making hard choices on taking on today's Gadiantion Robbers. If I was not married with children, I would be in some remote villiage with my .50 waiting to take on any enemy of God I could find. When I think of this war our country is in, I have to think of the wars from the Book of Mormon. To fight for your freedom of speech, religion, and the list goes on, is a direct mirror of those wars. The media would want you to think something else, and some do.

When I am done with this blog I will walk Cameron to school, come home and polish my black boots, iron my uniform and place under my badge the flag of our great nation. There is a chance I will not come home. I will go out and serve the City of Golden in my duties and enjoy every second of it. Besides my badge, the flag pin I wear is something I wear with great pride. I fight for those who cannot. I speak for those who have no voice, I save strangers' lives, from fire, water with no regard for my own. To have a new president that removes the USA flag from his plane, who does not place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, should not hold the office of president.

I had the chance to be arms length away from him during a visit to Colorado. I heard him speak. He is a charming man, a man who uses his skill to convince people to look past difference and come together. Sounds good. Let's look past a living prophet of God, who clearly states that marriage is between and man and woman. I know first hand what life is like when you choose to not follow His words and the pain it leaves in the wake.

Three Women in Church

Two teenage girls sit side by side
Behind them, an older woman
Hands age-spotted and wrinkled,
Slowly smoothes the long soft hair of one girl.
Long-fingered slow caresses.
The girl rest her head on the friend's sweatered shoulder.
The older woman strokes the finely intertwined hair.
Soon she has braided the strands of the girl's hair
Wrapped around and around, in and out, tightly fitted.
All in the brightly-lit, hardwood-pewed, stone-walled chapel.

- Ken Haubrock

Our new President is smooth, I will give him that.

Having said that, I find it a great moment for him to be elected. Take away the evil, the man will be the leader of our great nation. Some look at him as the first "black man" to be president. I find that funny. When I look at him, I do not see his black skin, I see our new president & a great moment in history.


How can you not vote for a woman who likes to hunt and shoot guns?

The Broncos!

How about some injured players, how about a 2008 drive to win the game. That is some stuff. No running game, they all got hurt. So lets throw the ball to a big W.
I can rest easy for a week.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I had some harsh words for the Broncos last night...but they do suck.

I love them they are my #1 team....but come on!

So anyway...... during the game we had a fatality....Cameron's glasses....

For some reason when it pours. When you start to add up all the little things, like the oven, glasses....oh BTW I need a crown on my tooth. You get the picture. So we are off this morning to get some new glasses. The sad face was a forced one. He had a huge smile at first, then I had to ask for the sad face for the photo. After all the rough playing with those glasses, they broke after getting caught in a blanket and pulled off his grill.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Denver Broncos STINK!

4-4 need I say more.....what a shame. Were going to have to draft TJ for a slot on that team. My football team did not have that many turn overs ALL YEAR!