Saturday, November 8, 2008

The runaway and a sleep over

Last night I tried to find a young man who had been reported as a runaway. As I worked the call, I found myself thinking of our boys. I am so glad I have the challenges I have with them and not the challanges others have. I will take the things like....he is texting all the time, he wants to go over to a friends house and play games, he has a full plate etc.

TJ was funny last night, he called and asked if I had "beat anyone up yet?" I laughed, the preception of me getting into a fight...Ha...comeone not me. For the record, I have not had a fist to cuffs fight in 4 years and that was with a woman that tossed me across the room.... she lost....taser won.... Mind over fist works much better! Verbal Judo!

Anyway, he wanted to have a sleep over. We do not let them sleep somewhere else, you can blame me for that, it's not going to happen...EVER! But on my way home Ipicked up some goodies and came home. It was 930 and the house was DARK. ALL the lights were off. Why are all the lights off? I thought we were having a sleep over? Where is Brooke and all the little ones??? I walked into the house with a bag off goodies in my left hand and came into the kitchen. This is where I had a moment....why is someone standing in my the dark....and its not someone I know? Need I remind you......I am in full uniform......there is someone in my house...........
I was going to a kneeling position as I stepped back and turned on the lights and there stood Evan, my sons friend. Playing hide and seek in the dark and Ty and his buddy were under the table.

Glad it was Evan and not some freak in my house. So this am the house smells like rolls and they are like walking dead. Sleep over = stay up all night and get NO sleep.

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