Saturday, August 30, 2008

Y'all in Trouble!!

Nice save Hillary! It is 15 minutes to 10 and Hillary just checked out the blog and called to say happy birthday to Nelson! That was funny! The power of the BLOG!

Happy B-Day Grandpa and Pierson

Pierson and Nelson had a little B-Day party after Grandma & Grandpa Seely arrived. Grandpa is 62 and Pierce is 3. I went out to Golden and worked for a while today to help cover the short crews. Not too much going on, quite for a holiday weekend. So Brooke and Grandpa cooked steaks for everyone and I came home to hang out.

We blew out the candles how many times?????

Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC Stuff

I had to take some time on Monday and visit the downtown area. 1 to support the police, and 2 to see some stupid people, 3 see some famous people. I got to thank several police officers and got to see them in action with some stupid people and bumped into Ted Kopel. The ding songs were chanting "power to the people" so I had to chim in " power to the cops" I got a nice smile from one cop who had to wipe it off his face fast. What a cool event to come to town. We had several officers from our PD go down and help cover the streets. We helped cover for those officers who were down there. We had a bunch of protestors in town a few nights ago, no big deal. It was fun to watch and see the behind the scene action here and to see all the things that were missed by the TV. Obama sure talked smooth, nice try.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sore feet and a smile

EVERYONE is fast asleep tongiht! Tonight was the start of Football with a nice win that started with TJ (Tyler John) # 35 as one of the team leaders marching onto the field for the meeting with the officials and coin toss. My job was to count plays, yell at missed tackles and to make sure our boys got a chance to play. Somewhere in there I watched a large # 35 work his way into the face of a smaller QB and help him get introduced with the grass. TJ ran a 6-2 with the middle linebacker rushig and NO ONE touched him and the QB was seeing stars...many times. He even got a safety and the ref placed the ball in the wrong spot that took it away. But he came through in the last few minutes and got another safety tying the game and then that led to a TD and we took the game.

We are at a interesting point with our big boys, they are now are friends and I see them spreading wings and doing their own thing.

During half time we were tied at 0 and we had a guy always putting presure on our QB. I got one of the big boys on the team and took him aside. I told him that there is a time when I am a cop, time to play ball, a time to fight. I told him that it was time for this other guy to be introduced with the stars. I told him to bring the rain. A few plays into the next half and I wathced him pull and he got that look on his face and squared off with this kid and KA BOOM!!! Party over! the kid dropped like a brick, body limp stright to the ground. I was like...Holy crap... don't kill him and the play went and we scored. After a good 5 minutes and some movement the kid got up....thinking he was in Kansas Toto. After we punched in the extra point...he came back to the sideline....stright faced...with a crazy look in his eyes....."how did you like the rain storm coach?" I shook my head..."that is what I mean"

I would never want any of our guys to hurt someone, but the life leason they can learn from doing a good job will last a lifetime.

TJ got his safety and I am well pleased with him, he is turning into a fine young man...who has girls at church counting how many times they see him on Sunday.

Tomorrow I will Blog about the STUPID people of America at the DNC!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Forgot a important thing this week. On Tuesday morning Brooke went in a woke up the big boys and noticed that Chief the gerbil was not moving. We got Chief and Nibbles 4-5 years ago for Christmas. Nibbles died a few years ago, but Chief kept on ticking. So Tuesday we had a little time and buried Chief next to Nibbles. We now are a pet free zone.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

1 week down

After a long week of back to school items and the whole "get up by 7am" thing. Everyone is dead tired around here and I am tryng to get my old man nerve pain to go away.

The week started last Saturday with my brother Travis looking for help with his new wood floor. Having done this type of work in the past.....So I upset one of my nerves in my wrist and it has caused my left hand to go numb and with a few days rest now it is only a few fingers. It has driven me up a wall. I spent part of everyday down there helping/doing it, it looks great and now I am getting ready to put in the bathroom since I had to move the water connections into the wall because some plumber did not want to work in the tiny space I did to do it right the first time.

Cameron and Conner went to school on Monday and Tyler went on Tuesday. It is a new phase for us since Pierce is our last baby and now we are in the raise-them-all phase. Taylor starts her pre-school next week 2 days a week. We had football every night this week and it has been fun to watch Tyler (aka TJ) start at middle linebacker and tight end. He said he has "mad skill" and I told him he will have "dead skill" if he does not watch for the free safety on his 10 and in pattern he runs. We had a scrimage today and he did really good and caught some good passes and made some nice plays on D. Brooke walked the little ones down to the park this a.m. and watched us play and we were home by noon.

I put on my gear and went out to Golden and did my thing. When I got out there were no cars to drive so I jumped into one of our big is like driving a tank while on patrol. As I was doing my thing I came around the back side of our Kohls store and saw a HUGE 5x6 mule deer sitting behind the store. So I told dispatch that I was going to check on it. I was hoping to see it limp or show some sign of it needing to be put down and put on my wall at home. No such luck. He got up and walked off. Some poor guy went and bought a used motorcycle today, only to find out that it had been stolen last year. He is now out 800.00 and the look on his wife's face summed up the whole thing. That whole "I love you, but I don't like you" look.

The whole DNC thing is here this week, the FREAKS are in full force doing STUPID things downtown. It effects our PD since we will have 10 guys down there, which leaves our shifts with 2-3 guys on. We have Al-Jeerez (sp) doing a broadcast from Golden on Tuesday so I will be out there, and then they asked if we could help fill in the gaps all week.

I hope that all of our family and friends are well. As I was working, I listened to Jefferson County work a fatal accident tonight. It made me grateful for the safety we all enjoy. I think I will take the challenges I have over that kind of challenge. A woman died in the accident, someone's mom, wife, sister, friend, gone in a instant.

Well...sorry for the long blah blah blah,


Monday, August 11, 2008

And so it begins...

With a slight chill in the air last night, and a NICE thunder storm to boot, fall is right around the corner and so is football. We missed last weeks practice and started a full night of pads and had some really nice size young men on the team. It is the 7th grade team for Coal Ridge Middle school and Tyler is our line backer and tight end.

I was asked last year to help with coaching this year so I am helping with defense and I have NO idea what I am doing and laugh at myself when the kids ask me if they are pulling on a 35 dive. I just tell them how to tackle and put on some pain.

I did have to help one young man catch his breath after I told one of the line men to let him have it. He said there were 2 coaches looking at him and it was only me.

School starts in 1 week and then it will be time to catch some fish and chase some elk and get ready for Christmas and the annual ginger bread house parties at our place.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Trip

Well, a week ago we were rollin' into Mc Alister, OK to visit my brother Brandon and his family. 808 miles and 12 hours in the SUV and I think 4 movies one way. We spent the 3 days on the lake where NO ONE was around. Brandon said there was about 700 miles beach around it and you could go at 60mph in one direction and go nowhere fast.

We stayed at his home and took over any and all carpet in the place with air beds and our kids ate all the food in his house. Christi was down in Dallas with John-Collin who was in Childrens Hospital ICU for 10 days. They came up the day before we left.

Tyler and Conner got the hang of the jet skies and took every chance they could to go out all alone and go fast. Tyler was proud to go 68mph on one. I tried to explain to him what would happen to him if he were to come off of that at that speed. He smiled and still thought it was cool. I did do a 60mph superman fly by once, so I guess I should take my own advice.

The water felt like warm bath water and some spots it was just hot. We all have a burn somewhere on us, mine is above my knees where the sun block was not.

The drive home was 11.5 hours and we were glad to pull into our driveway. I dont know why we don't go on more trips, it was really fun!

So back to getting ready for school which starts in a week and football practice starts tomorrow for Tyler.