Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC Stuff

I had to take some time on Monday and visit the downtown area. 1 to support the police, and 2 to see some stupid people, 3 see some famous people. I got to thank several police officers and got to see them in action with some stupid people and bumped into Ted Kopel. The ding songs were chanting "power to the people" so I had to chim in " power to the cops" I got a nice smile from one cop who had to wipe it off his face fast. What a cool event to come to town. We had several officers from our PD go down and help cover the streets. We helped cover for those officers who were down there. We had a bunch of protestors in town a few nights ago, no big deal. It was fun to watch and see the behind the scene action here and to see all the things that were missed by the TV. Obama sure talked smooth, nice try.
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