Saturday, August 23, 2008

1 week down

After a long week of back to school items and the whole "get up by 7am" thing. Everyone is dead tired around here and I am tryng to get my old man nerve pain to go away.

The week started last Saturday with my brother Travis looking for help with his new wood floor. Having done this type of work in the past.....So I upset one of my nerves in my wrist and it has caused my left hand to go numb and with a few days rest now it is only a few fingers. It has driven me up a wall. I spent part of everyday down there helping/doing it, it looks great and now I am getting ready to put in the bathroom since I had to move the water connections into the wall because some plumber did not want to work in the tiny space I did to do it right the first time.

Cameron and Conner went to school on Monday and Tyler went on Tuesday. It is a new phase for us since Pierce is our last baby and now we are in the raise-them-all phase. Taylor starts her pre-school next week 2 days a week. We had football every night this week and it has been fun to watch Tyler (aka TJ) start at middle linebacker and tight end. He said he has "mad skill" and I told him he will have "dead skill" if he does not watch for the free safety on his 10 and in pattern he runs. We had a scrimage today and he did really good and caught some good passes and made some nice plays on D. Brooke walked the little ones down to the park this a.m. and watched us play and we were home by noon.

I put on my gear and went out to Golden and did my thing. When I got out there were no cars to drive so I jumped into one of our big is like driving a tank while on patrol. As I was doing my thing I came around the back side of our Kohls store and saw a HUGE 5x6 mule deer sitting behind the store. So I told dispatch that I was going to check on it. I was hoping to see it limp or show some sign of it needing to be put down and put on my wall at home. No such luck. He got up and walked off. Some poor guy went and bought a used motorcycle today, only to find out that it had been stolen last year. He is now out 800.00 and the look on his wife's face summed up the whole thing. That whole "I love you, but I don't like you" look.

The whole DNC thing is here this week, the FREAKS are in full force doing STUPID things downtown. It effects our PD since we will have 10 guys down there, which leaves our shifts with 2-3 guys on. We have Al-Jeerez (sp) doing a broadcast from Golden on Tuesday so I will be out there, and then they asked if we could help fill in the gaps all week.

I hope that all of our family and friends are well. As I was working, I listened to Jefferson County work a fatal accident tonight. It made me grateful for the safety we all enjoy. I think I will take the challenges I have over that kind of challenge. A woman died in the accident, someone's mom, wife, sister, friend, gone in a instant.

Well...sorry for the long blah blah blah,


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