Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ben Delatour Scout Camp 2008

I went with Tyler to Scout Camp this past week and had some good laughs. I just about got myself kicked out of camp for a little situation with some young men that wanted to have a disagreement with me over carving some wood with my knife. They needed a little attitude adjustment and they were caught off gaurd that I stood my ground with their "Billy Bad *@#" attitudes.

Tyler was able to get his canoeing and leather working merit badges. He got class time for rifle and still needs to shoot some targets. We got rained on a little and walked......A LOT.

I left for one night and came home and went back. The next day Tyler and I had bought some boondoggles and were making them. I left camp and returned to find Tyler walking away from camp covered in dust and dirt. He told me he had stood up, stretched, passed out and hit his head. So I got him some Gatorade and took him to see the medic. He had a low pulse o2 reading, but after some more fluids and tilt testing, the reading came back up and off we went.

Later that night he was the only one to get mail and got a new fanny pack/day pack from his parents. He will get his Star rank in July and then we are on the count down until he can get his Eagle.



I did go back to Clear Creek the week after the rescue when there was no one around and found the water to be moving VERY FAST and VERY COLD and tried to replay the scene again. There is no way I would "jump in for fun." Very glad it worked out. It did get submited for an award and the Chief of Police talked with me about it. He and some other cops rescued a person several years ago and he shared his experience. Just happy to be at the right place at the right time.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Hero!

Trent is playing this one down, but he is a hero! There is already talk that he will receive an award for the rescue. He saved that boy's life!

Proud wife!


A quiet night in Golden Colorado

Most know that I am a Reserve Officer with the City of Golden Police Department. Golden has been my home away from home and I love working with the Department and helping out. We were in briefing and the day guys were wrapping up reports when dispatch aired a "child in the creek" right behind our PD. We all ran out the door and I got the throw rope bag and made a mad dash east, since the "creek" runs east. The "creek" is really full and moving fast this time of year and is very popular with the community. The City has really made it nice to walk on the paths. We had over 100 people in the path area and park.

When I ran up on scene, I saw a woman getting out of the creek and 3 adult men in the water and a child caught in the white water and going up and down in and out of the water. I threw out the rope bag and one of the men got the rope and the child and we pulled him out of the middle and they got stuck. So into the water I went and got the child and the men were then able to get out. I won't go into all the detail but we got the boy out and all the people got out. Job well done and I was a bit wet!

We ended up assisting Jeffco with shutting down W/B I-70 and other cops stuff.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

LA 508 Forum

Recently I was in LA for CEO space class 508 forum. The forum is held every 60 days at the Westin LAX hotel. After a week of classes and expo I had dinner at the hotel with Lane to sit back and relax. While we were talking a table got a bit rowdy and some women started singing Madonna's "Vouge." Having a fine taste in female vocals from my DJ years they had my attention.

I got up and met "Shanti"She can sing! We found out that there was a music forum going on in a different area of the hotel, so that wrapped up the night.

The next day Ron Domingo and I...(Check out Ron in action...

yep he is the dancer....were meeting and met Mc Mars. The guy was amazing!

They were having a Friday night concert at the hotel so we all went. Mc Mars dedicated his act to his new friend Trent and he was amazing! The guy is smooth and can rap till no end. I picked up his CD and he was out of books. Check out his video and check out his ride. The guy was amazing.


I don't think any of you that read this will need this explained, but cop pictures, DJ items, hunting items etc are from Trent. All links to DJ videos are from...I will let you guess....TJ


We've had Seattle weather in Colorado for the last week - but the payoff is a lush, happy lawn. School is out for summer and the boys are already complaining of boredom! We are hoping to go camping, fishing and shooting before they all go back to school this fall. Tentatively, we're planning to drive to OK to visit Brandon & Christi towards the end of August. Also, Mom & Dad might be heading out to Colorado before fall comes.

Meanwhile the kids keep growing & time passes faster and faster. Today we are all healthy & is good!