Sunday, September 14, 2008


We started off our Saturday with TJ and his team pulling off a big W. He picked up his first TD on a nice catch in the END ZONE! I was really pleased. We knew we had some skill on the other team who goes to our Church, so we ran interception drills on Friday. It payed off, my DB's picked up 3 interceptions!!!!!!

How about them BRONCOS!!!!! 2-0 Nice win today on the Chargers!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The weekend

The weekend is here and I would just like to go to bed and call it a day. It has rained most of the day and the sun just broke through and Brooke is on the couch reading a book. I have given Pierce to many kisses and have caught his cold and I feel like.......

Tyler is going to play game #3 and I hope he can do it without any injury. We had 6 players go down last night in practice. On of our guys was running onthe cement with those new fancy cleats. He twisted his ankle, and discovered that his "sore foot" 2 weeks ago was really 2 breaks.

I think I will lay low and redo our blog template ...... again .......

Can you say...Go Broncos? Nice Monday night game in LA.....Reminded me of Elway.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Music

I put a few tunes up in here. Those that DJ with me will love the ones you hate. I threw in some of the boys tunes and Brooke is not coming up with anything right now.

This will be a fun add for me....being a DJ and all.

what's new

Well...what's new....

1.Conner picked to play the trumpet this year in band. I thought we had a wounded goose in the house the other day. I can say that since I played the same about the same age he is.

2.Cameron is getting new lenses in his glasses this week and they will be adjusted. That might not be a big deal for any of you, but it is big here.

3.Pierce is being potty trained....I have no comment on that....

4.Taylor is going 2 school 2 days a week and has now been introduced to the number 1 and letter A. If life were so simple....maybe it is.

5.Tyler is black and blue from his football pursuit. We had 6 guys go down tonight in practice so I filled in on the D line. The 1st play went well and the second was my last. I told the guys to go full speed and the pulled left and the young man to my left went down and the guys pulled....the last thing I remeber was......I am still trying to remember, all I know is my leg hurts like hell and my head still hurts. I AM GETTING OLD!

Brooke, she is...refer to 3 and fill in the blank.

Me, I got a new phone and I am adjusting. I also take meds for actions lined out in #5.

Somewhere in the near future the boys and I will turn into hillbillys and go chase Elk, Deer and sore feet. For the record, Tyler has not shot anything in his 1 year of hunting and I have only shot 4 Deer and 1 Elk. So the Elk and Deer are quite safe.

What do you use?

What do you use most in life? What "thing" do you use most? A remote control or your car or your gun...maybe not...

I have a personal problem, letting go of the one thing I use the most. My cell phone. I get all my email, most of my internet access, then all the calls and texting etc. So my Palm Treo was giving me some fits, I have had it for 3 years dropped it at least 300 times, so I decided to get a new phone. So what do you use your phone for? I decided to go with a phone that has all the things I use all in one. I picked up a iPhone and if you love pictures, muzik, email, cool text, you should give it a spin.

Tyler and conner love it since they will be getting it down the line.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My, My, My

The title comes from one of my fav house tunes and will fit this post to a T. T as in Tyler being 12 going on 13 and I just picked him up from his 1st middle school dance. Brooke and I dropped him off and I, of course, had to go check out the DJ and his set up. Very nice very high end sound system. When we pulled into the parking lot I told him he could go first and then we would go in. He could not get out of the car fast enough and was GONE!

Brooke and I went in for a few, Ty was far away from us and was hanging with his football buddies. We went to DQ and then home then he called about 30 mintues before it was over. When I got there he was out front with several boys from the team and SEVERAL young women. I pulled up to see Ty with his head in the sprinkler and all the boys SCREWING AROUND! Not a big suprise. Boys will be boys. He got in the car and had to give out several hand shakes to the girls..."sloppy joe" what kind of hand shake is that?

He then told me about how one of the boys got the boot from a teacher who "got all up in his grill" and kicked out his friend. all up in his grill.....I am not sure what to say......

I remember some punk kid saying that to another cop not long ago.... and now MY son is saying the same thing.

So now we are home and he told me not to post this here, he said he would "get up in my grill" so I informed him I was about to smash his grill....I think I will now spend the rest of my night wondering what the next few years will bring....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September is here!!!!

The fan is in the window and the COLD Rocky Mnt air is here. Brooke calls it the "Arctic blast" and I call it Heaven. There is nothing better than a cool night and a warm bed.

I have taken the time over the weekend to clean up the garage. With us moving our shop I took in alot of the tools and things to work from home. So last fall I ran electrical through the garage and insulated the walls, put up dry wall and over that put bright checker plate aluminum. Kind of redneck but it looks good and I have every tool known to man in the garage. I think I have another day of putting the non-tool items up and I will be set. I need to finish one more project and I will be ready. Then I hope that next summer I can seal the floor in the garage.

Brooke's folks will leave tomorrow and head to Colo Springs and I will put some new paint on the stairs going to the basement and start that project.

Now that it is getting is time to break out the guns again and get ready to go hunting with the big boys. Depending on what we do we might even drag Cameron along this year. I was hunting with my dad right around 4 years old. I think Tyler will go after deer and elk...Im not sure what I will do yet.

peace out!