Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what's new

Well...what's new....

1.Conner picked to play the trumpet this year in band. I thought we had a wounded goose in the house the other day. I can say that since I played the same about the same age he is.

2.Cameron is getting new lenses in his glasses this week and they will be adjusted. That might not be a big deal for any of you, but it is big here.

3.Pierce is being potty trained....I have no comment on that....

4.Taylor is going 2 school 2 days a week and has now been introduced to the number 1 and letter A. If life were so simple....maybe it is.

5.Tyler is black and blue from his football pursuit. We had 6 guys go down tonight in practice so I filled in on the D line. The 1st play went well and the second was my last. I told the guys to go full speed and the pulled left and the young man to my left went down and the guys pulled....the last thing I remeber was......I am still trying to remember, all I know is my leg hurts like hell and my head still hurts. I AM GETTING OLD!

Brooke, she is...refer to 3 and fill in the blank.

Me, I got a new phone and I am adjusting. I also take meds for actions lined out in #5.

Somewhere in the near future the boys and I will turn into hillbillys and go chase Elk, Deer and sore feet. For the record, Tyler has not shot anything in his 1 year of hunting and I have only shot 4 Deer and 1 Elk. So the Elk and Deer are quite safe.

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