Saturday, February 14, 2009

A button, A screw, and no more potty seats and it only took a few minutes

Have you ever found that something is broke? We all have. How many of us, leave it alone, use the broke item for a long time? Then for some reason, you fix it and it only took a minute and its been broke for years?

The sun visor in our Surburban had a screw fall out if about 3 years ago. So for the past 3 years it has saged, swung and been a pain in the head at times. Yesterday, I went to the store, spent 10 cents...screwed it back together and was fixed... 3 years...

About a year ago my button came off my 3 button suite. Then another button, I was down to one button. It took the guy 5 minutes and wa-la. It is fixed. took me a year. why do we/I do this?

This week marked a huge step in a new direction in our home. We are not going to have any more children, and we tossed the potty seat yesterday. Brooke called me as the garbage man hauled it off. She said something like "bring on the teenagers" I know... she is talking all crazy talk like that. She does have a new attitude with the new dew.

That is about it for now, we/I am working on the basement and hope to have the framing all done by the end of the week. We will see how that goes.

Peace out.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Only for my mom...The fish I caught.

The one and only reason I am posting this is for my Mom, I am not patting myself on the back.

The following pictures are from the Gloden Police Departments 2008 Award Ceremony.
I was awarded the following. I cut it out of policy so you can all have the info.

Meritorious Service Medal:

A. The Meritorious Service Medal may be awarded to any member who:
1. Has conducted themselves in an exemplary manner, displaying
exceptional courage while serving in a duty of great responsibility
and importance during a critical incident.
2. In the performance of an act, a member is exposed to operational
risk and/or personal danger for a lifesaving or an attempted
lifesaving act in which extraordinary efforts were used.

This is my best buddy Seargeant Chad St. Aubin
He has been a great friend and...Ill leave it at that

There were 4 citizens who jumped into the river prior to me going in. With out that, we would have lost him. These are 2 of the citizens and the boy and his father.
Chief Bill Kilpaterick and I.
After for a group photo. It was a good night, glad it turned out this way.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whats new

A few weeks ago I kept hearing things like, " I want to cut my hair, I want to go shoping with Brittany....etc" So a week ago Saturday, I had heard enough and sent my wife on a 6 day trip up to see her sister Britany. I held down the fort, which did not burn down and nothing piled up, and she had "ME" time. She took her 4th Twilight book with her and she started and finished on the trip....phew....I don't know all the details, but she had a great time and I owe Kasey and Brittany BIG TIME. I don't know what I liked more the new hair dew or the big freaking smile she has had since she got back.

We pulled a permit to finish the basement a few weeks ago and decided that the big bathroom down there could be moved to make room for a nice work area. So....

I gave Tyler a hammer and Conner wanted nothing to do with it....and the drywall started to fly. We got it all laid out now, giving us 24"...might not seem like much...but it gave us a nice little work space and allows us to have a window that otherwise would have been in a furnace room.

I took ALL 5 children to the the same time, while Brooke was gone. This is Pierce, with his cool shades on. They all did really good and I survived!

I had to get Taylor some new sheets and blanket...

Ohhh...Bella and Edward ate sweet.....

It was fun to pick up Brooke, I still can't take my eyes off of her. I have only known her with LONG hair. That goes for all of you too. She has a little attitude with the new dew as well, but I like it.

I was notified this week that I will be getting a award at the Police Award function this week. I am so glad that everyone went home that night.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Center of Life

After going to Church today I got to thinking about what is at the center of peoples lives. It made me think what is at the center of my life and how that has changed over the years. I have no desire to post personal things in my life so tuff.

Our world is a rushing river of information and everything now. The media can report form anywhere in he world in a instant. They know what is going on before the people involved knows what is going on. Addiction is rampant in all its fourms, food,drugs,sex,media,music,email,the internet,pills,parties, get the idea. In going through the challanges of life it has caused me to look at my own and look at what the center of my life is.

My brother Brandon asked me to read a booked called The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It brought me to discover the egoic mind/ aka the natural man. The book is over my head for the most part but I enjoyed the read and it will become part of my study through life. It did bring to light the way I have reacted to the events that occur in life. In doing so, I found that most people get so wrapped up in it that their hearts fail them. The get so caught up in the "world" all the media, all the hype and they forget that everything is really ok. If we really think that the things we belive in are true, we have prayed for the last days to come. We pray for Christ to come again, and here it is and some are running around thinking the sky is falling. No, your heart is failing you because of the center of your life, or lack of.

Don't belive the hype. It is OK.