Sunday, February 1, 2009

Center of Life

After going to Church today I got to thinking about what is at the center of peoples lives. It made me think what is at the center of my life and how that has changed over the years. I have no desire to post personal things in my life so tuff.

Our world is a rushing river of information and everything now. The media can report form anywhere in he world in a instant. They know what is going on before the people involved knows what is going on. Addiction is rampant in all its fourms, food,drugs,sex,media,music,email,the internet,pills,parties, get the idea. In going through the challanges of life it has caused me to look at my own and look at what the center of my life is.

My brother Brandon asked me to read a booked called The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. It brought me to discover the egoic mind/ aka the natural man. The book is over my head for the most part but I enjoyed the read and it will become part of my study through life. It did bring to light the way I have reacted to the events that occur in life. In doing so, I found that most people get so wrapped up in it that their hearts fail them. The get so caught up in the "world" all the media, all the hype and they forget that everything is really ok. If we really think that the things we belive in are true, we have prayed for the last days to come. We pray for Christ to come again, and here it is and some are running around thinking the sky is falling. No, your heart is failing you because of the center of your life, or lack of.

Don't belive the hype. It is OK.

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