Saturday, February 14, 2009

A button, A screw, and no more potty seats and it only took a few minutes

Have you ever found that something is broke? We all have. How many of us, leave it alone, use the broke item for a long time? Then for some reason, you fix it and it only took a minute and its been broke for years?

The sun visor in our Surburban had a screw fall out if about 3 years ago. So for the past 3 years it has saged, swung and been a pain in the head at times. Yesterday, I went to the store, spent 10 cents...screwed it back together and was fixed... 3 years...

About a year ago my button came off my 3 button suite. Then another button, I was down to one button. It took the guy 5 minutes and wa-la. It is fixed. took me a year. why do we/I do this?

This week marked a huge step in a new direction in our home. We are not going to have any more children, and we tossed the potty seat yesterday. Brooke called me as the garbage man hauled it off. She said something like "bring on the teenagers" I know... she is talking all crazy talk like that. She does have a new attitude with the new dew.

That is about it for now, we/I am working on the basement and hope to have the framing all done by the end of the week. We will see how that goes.

Peace out.

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