Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Moment

Last night Tyler and Conner had a scout court of honor. Both of them got the Emergency prepardness merit badge. Due to some dumb rule Conner did not get his yet since he needs to complete another merit badge before he gets this one. I think that is about dumb.

I still don't have my wife back from her Twilight book. She has about 100 pages left so that is good, maybe today she will show up. She has taken over the hard-expert setting on the drums in Rock Band. I was able to get her away yesteday and take one of my suits to get fixed, so that was nice. I have already been told that she will be finishing the book today.

It was 70 here last week, and then it went down to zero now were back up to 20! Gotta love Colorado weather. Our Mnts are getting big PHAT snow flakes this week;)

I will be picking up our permit to finish the basement today. I hope to make some progress with that in the next few months. We need the extra space!

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