Monday, January 12, 2009

The last week in review....Laugh if you want...don't let me catch you laughing...

To the untrained eye this is just a simple set of stairs leading into the garage. You can see the items heading out to the trash and some plastic things. But to me..this was the site of the closest I have come to death. See the light gray case on the floor? That is a empty case for one of my hand guns. It was placed on the top step by me when I cleaned the garage Saturday. I left it on the step and turned out the lights and went inside. Brooke cleaned out a kitchen drawer and noticed it was in need of some handy man work and asked me to fix it.
I took the drawer and headed out into the garage. I opened the door and stepped with my right foot, that was the last thing I remember...except for the man yell that came out...and I hit the floor with my head by the pink po-go stick. For the record..I still had the drawer in hand...without a scratch. I hurt in ways I did not know I could hurt...(now is when you start laughing) I was in shock and did not move...even a little. I noticed that my left foot hurt like it just got ran over and my right hand was numb. At this point my wife came to the rescue....NOT........She opened the door and asked me if I was ok and she did not know what to do so she went back inside. I was trying to tell her NOT to leave. It felt like my foot had moved somewhere close to my waistline and my hand next to my elbow. I was really glad I did not hit my head, that I figured out quickly. Brooke came back, only after the little ones had thought I died.
I began to move my hand at first..touching it and feeling for bones sticking out of the skin. Then I sat up. If I knew what it felt like to break a foot, that pain was my guess. after a few minutes I got the backbone to try and stand. It took a few minutes to get on it but I did and it was VERY sore, but little sharp pain. I had pain in spots all over my body all day saturday, we had a great evening with Matt and Candice at their place. Candice asked if I "caught air" which I am sure I did. A few minutes after the crash Brooke said I had "Rachelle-itis" from Rachelle's tendency to tumble down stairs & break bones in her feet.
So we went down to the Jones and had a very peaceful evening, excellent food and great conversation, with a very sore foot. But today it has been very good. So I am grateful I did not smash my head and die!
On Sunday I made a pork roast and it looked so yummy!
Pierson and Taylor made a mess and did not look so yummy!

and Pierce and I don't like to take pictures!
I spent the whole day in Weld County Court for Jury duty. It is tough to be seated on a Jury when you have been a cop and have several wins under the belt for child assault cases.
By the way.... the grey plastic ended up across the garage......laugh it up.....


angemam said...

For the record: I AM laughing, and crying for you after my recent fall (that I am still hurting from, almost 7 weeks later!). Only one word came to mind as I read this & saw the photo: Amateur! :)

Anonymous said...

WHEW! I thought I was in for a horror story. Glad no bones were broken. Do we need to get you a special helmet?

T said...

NOW I see why you were so glad not to be dead... Ouch!