Thursday, January 1, 2009

The final hunting trip and 2009 (caution dead Elk Photos)

I find it intersting how a new day and new year makes you feel.
The day after Christmas Tyler Conner and I were back on the road with my dear friends heading to Craig for one last go at getting a ELK. On Friday afternoon we got there and we got STUCK AGAIN.
Notice the Chains on the tire.....We suck. We dug our way out and went back to the hotel wondering why we went.
We got at it early and got into a large heard of Elk that had come across during the night. Tyler and I gave chase on foot while Conner hung out in the car and stayed warm, it was about ZERO freaking degrees with a wind chill of freeze your butt off. We watched a several hunters shot at the heard and took some cows out. We could see where they were at and took off. I noticed a few tracks leaving the heard so we followed those, looking for the dumb ones of the heard. We found one and Tyler got his first and only chance at a cow at about 250-300 yards. His first shot got the left rear hoof, not sure how we got there, the next one went through the lungs. I watched her go down in some deep snow and we took off and tracked her down.

Bone from 1st shot

2nd shot,

I will spare the weak, and not post the other photos I got. It was so Cold that within a few minutes Tyler got really cold and thanks to Brent, he was able to get warm and we got the elk cleaned out and taken care of. We had a great time and were glad to get home. Brent got 3 elk and it was a bit later in the day and a lot colder. I never knew it could get that cold. Tylers Elk got cut up last night into hamburger and steaks, I have pictures of it all if you want to see, even Tyler cutting up his steaks.

All the steaks are in the freezer!

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