Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is OVER :(

Yesterday marked the final day of the Holidays for our house. ALl the lights are down, both trees are down, it took all day yesterday to get the tree down after several breaks. Some of it is still in the garage that needs to be boxed and put up which will happpen today. We will also be going through things we dont need. The Christmas decorations take up a 4x8 deck in the garage. I built it when we first moved in. I park my DJ trailer in the gargae and so right above that is the deck. I added another 4x8 deck neck next to it last year for items from our shop when we moved. I put another deck up for more camping stuff. It will now be time to rearange the decks and THROW out the things we do not use. I have enough tools to build about anything.

SO the Children are all back in school, I am doing work stuff and Brooke is back to her normal things...I think. Here is to a different year from the rest.

Peace out

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T said...

I'm the nosy kind of person that has to visit a blog if I know you have one... thanks for sparing us the gory hunting pictures btw (weak stomach this week).

Hmmm... now I'm thinking I need to get my hubby out there building shelves in our garage... my "holiday closet" is full to bursting this season!

(It's Tonya btw - saw the blog over at facebook and I just had to peek!)