Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Have lost my family!

During the holidays Tyler and Conner wanted to get Guitar Hero. No way on this earth was I going to get that game with all the crappy metal songs and wanna be hoes. I had heard of Rock Band but did not really look into it. We had dinner with good friends a few weeks ago..the night I fell, and Candice offered for us to play. We did not but Matt and her like the game and It got me thinking about it.

The boys wanted to get that a few weeks ago so I checked it out and it sounded good. SO they pooled the money and we went and got it last night. The VERY INTERESTING part of this is BROOKE! She is a Rock Band Star! We got this hooked up last night at about 6pm. She came to bed AFTER MIDNIGHT. Her and Tyler stayed up and I was OUT by the time she rolled in.

Now the best part. We went and picked up another guitar tonight so now we are running full on stuff. At 8 we started putting the little ones down and Brooke washed her hair. She informed me that she was going "down" to "kick the boys off, and were going to do scriptures and THEY ARE GOING TO BED." I told her that was great. Then SHE tells me that she has to go do a "SET" in London with the boys.....


Never in my married life have I seen her like this...I am all smiles and think it is GREAT! She is like a kid in a candy store! I have surround sound and a projector down there and it is quite the set up.

Anyway, life is really good here, we have had 70's for highs last week and our grass was turning green. We are putting in for a permit to finish the basement. We are at that point. It will cost us $$$ to do it with the family TV set up we are putting in. The bathroom is already there and we will put in a small L shaped desk for computers and the rest of the room will be for our family to watch movies and play games and the boys bedroom down there.
I found the sore spot in my foot this week where I hurt it. When you kneel down on the ground, your feet lay flat...that is the spot I hurt. I did that this week and for a few moments could not put weight on it when I got up. Still very sore after 2 weeks. I went to Golden for a night this week and had a great time. Got myself a DUI driver and helped on a felony drug traffic stop. I really love working out there, I really enjoy the officers there. It is my home!
The children are all healthy and doing well in school. Brooke is busy and I help her alot since I work from home most days. I did 5 loads of laundry just today.

We are kicking the idea around of heading out to Utah in Febuary, Hillary I love you, With a very deep love but your snow sucks! But I would still love to fall in it and try out "riding."
I am going out to Tahoe in March for a conference and hope to do some skiing with my buddy from LA.
We are all excited about the decision to go to Mnt Rushmore for Scout camp. They have a family site and I will go as a adult leader. That will go down in July and were going to make a trip to see Brandon and family in June.
That is what I know for now...Love to all family and friends!!!
TJ have all seen the "shamwow" infomercial....I just ordered the "slap clap" from the same guy..I am looking forward to getting that is COOL!

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Serena Cherry said...

Ha! That is so funny! We have rock band, and it really is so fun! I love that Brooke is staying up all hours to play, that is hilarious!