Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September is here!!!!

The fan is in the window and the COLD Rocky Mnt air is here. Brooke calls it the "Arctic blast" and I call it Heaven. There is nothing better than a cool night and a warm bed.

I have taken the time over the weekend to clean up the garage. With us moving our shop I took in alot of the tools and things to work from home. So last fall I ran electrical through the garage and insulated the walls, put up dry wall and over that put bright checker plate aluminum. Kind of redneck but it looks good and I have every tool known to man in the garage. I think I have another day of putting the non-tool items up and I will be set. I need to finish one more project and I will be ready. Then I hope that next summer I can seal the floor in the garage.

Brooke's folks will leave tomorrow and head to Colo Springs and I will put some new paint on the stairs going to the basement and start that project.

Now that it is getting cool...it is time to break out the guns again and get ready to go hunting with the big boys. Depending on what we do we might even drag Cameron along this year. I was hunting with my dad right around 4 years old. I think Tyler will go after deer and elk...Im not sure what I will do yet.

peace out!

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