Sunday, June 8, 2008

LA 508 Forum

Recently I was in LA for CEO space class 508 forum. The forum is held every 60 days at the Westin LAX hotel. After a week of classes and expo I had dinner at the hotel with Lane to sit back and relax. While we were talking a table got a bit rowdy and some women started singing Madonna's "Vouge." Having a fine taste in female vocals from my DJ years they had my attention.

I got up and met "Shanti"She can sing! We found out that there was a music forum going on in a different area of the hotel, so that wrapped up the night.

The next day Ron Domingo and I...(Check out Ron in action...

yep he is the dancer....were meeting and met Mc Mars. The guy was amazing!

They were having a Friday night concert at the hotel so we all went. Mc Mars dedicated his act to his new friend Trent and he was amazing! The guy is smooth and can rap till no end. I picked up his CD and he was out of books. Check out his video and check out his ride. The guy was amazing.

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