Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Trip

Well, a week ago we were rollin' into Mc Alister, OK to visit my brother Brandon and his family. 808 miles and 12 hours in the SUV and I think 4 movies one way. We spent the 3 days on the lake where NO ONE was around. Brandon said there was about 700 miles beach around it and you could go at 60mph in one direction and go nowhere fast.

We stayed at his home and took over any and all carpet in the place with air beds and our kids ate all the food in his house. Christi was down in Dallas with John-Collin who was in Childrens Hospital ICU for 10 days. They came up the day before we left.

Tyler and Conner got the hang of the jet skies and took every chance they could to go out all alone and go fast. Tyler was proud to go 68mph on one. I tried to explain to him what would happen to him if he were to come off of that at that speed. He smiled and still thought it was cool. I did do a 60mph superman fly by once, so I guess I should take my own advice.

The water felt like warm bath water and some spots it was just hot. We all have a burn somewhere on us, mine is above my knees where the sun block was not.

The drive home was 11.5 hours and we were glad to pull into our driveway. I dont know why we don't go on more trips, it was really fun!

So back to getting ready for school which starts in a week and football practice starts tomorrow for Tyler.


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