Monday, August 11, 2008

And so it begins...

With a slight chill in the air last night, and a NICE thunder storm to boot, fall is right around the corner and so is football. We missed last weeks practice and started a full night of pads and had some really nice size young men on the team. It is the 7th grade team for Coal Ridge Middle school and Tyler is our line backer and tight end.

I was asked last year to help with coaching this year so I am helping with defense and I have NO idea what I am doing and laugh at myself when the kids ask me if they are pulling on a 35 dive. I just tell them how to tackle and put on some pain.

I did have to help one young man catch his breath after I told one of the line men to let him have it. He said there were 2 coaches looking at him and it was only me.

School starts in 1 week and then it will be time to catch some fish and chase some elk and get ready for Christmas and the annual ginger bread house parties at our place.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a challenge! Trent, I think you're just the man for the job. Are your kids back in school yet? I miss Colorado thunderstorms. It doesn't seem like we get as much rain in Utah =(