Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sore feet and a smile

EVERYONE is fast asleep tongiht! Tonight was the start of Football with a nice win that started with TJ (Tyler John) # 35 as one of the team leaders marching onto the field for the meeting with the officials and coin toss. My job was to count plays, yell at missed tackles and to make sure our boys got a chance to play. Somewhere in there I watched a large # 35 work his way into the face of a smaller QB and help him get introduced with the grass. TJ ran a 6-2 with the middle linebacker rushig and NO ONE touched him and the QB was seeing stars...many times. He even got a safety and the ref placed the ball in the wrong spot that took it away. But he came through in the last few minutes and got another safety tying the game and then that led to a TD and we took the game.

We are at a interesting point with our big boys, they are now are friends and I see them spreading wings and doing their own thing.

During half time we were tied at 0 and we had a guy always putting presure on our QB. I got one of the big boys on the team and took him aside. I told him that there is a time when I am a cop, time to play ball, a time to fight. I told him that it was time for this other guy to be introduced with the stars. I told him to bring the rain. A few plays into the next half and I wathced him pull and he got that look on his face and squared off with this kid and KA BOOM!!! Party over! the kid dropped like a brick, body limp stright to the ground. I was like...Holy crap... don't kill him and the play went and we scored. After a good 5 minutes and some movement the kid got up....thinking he was in Kansas Toto. After we punched in the extra point...he came back to the sideline....stright faced...with a crazy look in his eyes....."how did you like the rain storm coach?" I shook my head..."that is what I mean"

I would never want any of our guys to hurt someone, but the life leason they can learn from doing a good job will last a lifetime.

TJ got his safety and I am well pleased with him, he is turning into a fine young man...who has girls at church counting how many times they see him on Sunday.

Tomorrow I will Blog about the STUPID people of America at the DNC!

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