Friday, November 7, 2008

Three Women in Church and our new President

What a sad week for our country and a great moment in history.
I have found it so sad that our republican party has been given such a black eye for a President who has kept you safe and sound in your homes at night. How fast the media can change your minds and perception of reality. What a great mastermind Lucifer is when it comes to him spreading his work on this earth.

President Bush will and should go down as one of the greatest presidents. While I can find faults, I choose to thank him for making hard choices on taking on today's Gadiantion Robbers. If I was not married with children, I would be in some remote villiage with my .50 waiting to take on any enemy of God I could find. When I think of this war our country is in, I have to think of the wars from the Book of Mormon. To fight for your freedom of speech, religion, and the list goes on, is a direct mirror of those wars. The media would want you to think something else, and some do.

When I am done with this blog I will walk Cameron to school, come home and polish my black boots, iron my uniform and place under my badge the flag of our great nation. There is a chance I will not come home. I will go out and serve the City of Golden in my duties and enjoy every second of it. Besides my badge, the flag pin I wear is something I wear with great pride. I fight for those who cannot. I speak for those who have no voice, I save strangers' lives, from fire, water with no regard for my own. To have a new president that removes the USA flag from his plane, who does not place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, should not hold the office of president.

I had the chance to be arms length away from him during a visit to Colorado. I heard him speak. He is a charming man, a man who uses his skill to convince people to look past difference and come together. Sounds good. Let's look past a living prophet of God, who clearly states that marriage is between and man and woman. I know first hand what life is like when you choose to not follow His words and the pain it leaves in the wake.

Three Women in Church

Two teenage girls sit side by side
Behind them, an older woman
Hands age-spotted and wrinkled,
Slowly smoothes the long soft hair of one girl.
Long-fingered slow caresses.
The girl rest her head on the friend's sweatered shoulder.
The older woman strokes the finely intertwined hair.
Soon she has braided the strands of the girl's hair
Wrapped around and around, in and out, tightly fitted.
All in the brightly-lit, hardwood-pewed, stone-walled chapel.

- Ken Haubrock

Our new President is smooth, I will give him that.

Having said that, I find it a great moment for him to be elected. Take away the evil, the man will be the leader of our great nation. Some look at him as the first "black man" to be president. I find that funny. When I look at him, I do not see his black skin, I see our new president & a great moment in history.


How can you not vote for a woman who likes to hunt and shoot guns?

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