Friday, October 31, 2008

Let's get High!?

How much sugar can kids eat in one night? We have enough candy in house to kill a cow. If we eat all of it we will look like a cow! We started our night at the Church with Trunk-or-Treat. Then home for some cardboard pizza and off again. THis year is a bit different, our Big Boys are too BIG to hang with us low folk and my hair is not long enough to be cool so we got ditched.

THe long hair is bringing me to the fact that my boys should thank the Man upstairs for a loving mom. If it were up to me, they would have hair cuts every week, HIGH AND TIGHT! SO what is wrong having a nice High and tight hair cut? This shaggy DA hair trend is coming to a end tomorrow in this house. And I have already heard the crys from the BIG boys who now sound like wrimpering girls, look deep into my eyes and ask me if I give a crap about your long hair. Cry me a river.

So, Brooke has not posted about this so I will, I won't be surpirsed if this part if deleted really soon, so read fast.

The other night we had a firework show....inside our the oven! You would have thought the house was going to blow up form the gasp from Brooke as the heating element in the oven started to what ever it was doing, but there was liquid steel in there and lots of bright flashes of multi-colored lights.

I found a new heating element, and the guy said that one reason they go out is due to food getting on them and wearing that spot out.

SO I tell Brooke this........I have to ask you first...when was the last time you cleaned your oven and how?

She tells me that she has NOT cleaned the oven....EVER! She has ran it in the self cleaning cycle a few times but never got a can of Easy Off tocleanit....She is now MAD at me for putting this on our Blog. If I die you know at who's hands I fall!!!!

SO being the excellent husband I am...I pulled the oven out, observed food that had been there since the creation of earth, and cleaned the oven. Easy off made it a snap. And our oven is now back in service, never to be cleaned again!

Happy Freak's Day Out!

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