Saturday, October 25, 2008

34-0 We WIN!

Tyler and Derek watching the game before ours.

Then Tyler and his buddy Ryan wearing the #1 medal for smokin Altona...can you say


My D was more than the BEST!!!!

TJ scored on a 30 yard pass in the 1st quarter, he had some great stops. It was a great way to end the season.

Ashlie & Adrian & Zoie, Mom and George and Grandpa John all came to watch. I was really happy that they all made it and Tyler was all smiles when he found out who came. My Mom was screaming...."That's my GRANDSON" when he scored....she was sitting by Brooke....on ALTONA'S side.....That is my mom...always looking for a fight!

As a dad I don't even know what to say about watching a healthy young man go out and play great at his positions. He is fast, smart, and very good. As a coach he made me look good and as a dad...he makes my heart smile.

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