Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back to the gym

After fighting a foot injury, hand injury, and just being lazy, I returned to the gym this week to live a healthy life. I went in and found several of the same people working out that were there 3 years ago. The funny thing....THEY LOOK THE SAME! That is good and bad. A friend who was in shape is still in shape and a friend who has a gut....STILL HAS A GUT! It was so funny, when I asked him how it has been he was quick to tell me he has been working out since I last saw him. I told him that was great and went about my way.

If I do not look different in 6 weeks...someone tell me, or smack me.

So I will work my way back into the weekly work out and I hope my friends will get past the rut they are in.

I have alot to blog about.....but I will wait until Brooke and I have a grasp on our new life with a teen in the house.

Our parents can stop laughing now.

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Corinn & Trent Seely said...

That is too funny about your friends at the gym. Everytime I return to the gym I am all sore the next couple of weeks and decide to return to laziness! Oh well. I am sure you expected Tyler to have a girl fan club.