Friday, October 10, 2008

I love fall. If any of you watched the movie 'You've Got Mail,' I feel exactly like Meg Ryan's character about autumn & new school supplies!
Taylor is in preschool & thriving. It is largely a social experience for her, but girls need that, right? Preschool fieldtrips have also begun, thus the firestation picture. Pierson tagged along with us & was in hog heaven! Speaking of our (3-year-old) baby, I love his sweet little chubby cheeks.


Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY what you're referring to and I feel the same way about this time of year. What a fun field trip! Your little ones are just growing right up. What are they're costume plans for Halloween?

P.S. I love Meg Ryan movies!

Corinn & Trent Seely said...

I love reading your blog. I feel like I know so much more about you guys than I ever have. Thanks for writing! Preschool is fun.

Serena Cherry said...

You look so beautiful, Brooke! And so is Taylor: Not a surprise, with such a beautiful mom! I love fall, too. There really is something invigorating about it.