Saturday, October 4, 2008

What just happened?

Where do I begin? I have not updated the blog for a few/several weeks and have been out of town.

Dad Travis and I packed up and headed out to LA for 9 days for a CEO space forum. I staffed the event and Dad and Travis did the forum. We had speakers from Howard & Kimber Lim to Mark Victor Hansen and Lisa Nichols. Being on Staff I was able to meet all of them and even had Lisa Nichols steal my badge and play cop while we escorted her around. Lisa is one of the people behind the secret. Howard is a dear friend and we had a chance to grab dinner before it all started and I got a ride in his band new Aston Martin.

I also got a hour or so with Challenger. Challenger is a bald Eagel that flew over the crowd during the National Anthem. VERY COOL.

On Saturday night we all got together, Howard, Travis, Evan, Katie, and Jillian went to a club on Hermosa Beach called Cruz Room where DJ Meegs and her 2 boys were playing the best house Tunes I have heard in a long time. We took over the dance floor and closed the place after dancing all night.

After a long week we headed home and here we are.

While I was gone, Tyler turned 13! That is right, We are getting OLD! Guess what we bought him....go on guess........

A cell phone. at this point in the night he has sent around 100 text messages. Thus the title of the blog.....

I will try to update with pics and stuff tomorrow!

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Serena Cherry said...

Over 100 texts! That is hilarious! Brooke: I was so glad for your advice about the babysitting. I feel so happy that I said no. Financial crisis or no, it would have been horrible. I just needed some reminding of that! It was really good to hear from you.