Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I need to keep this up to date or just stop doing it all around. Tyler had his first Track Meet today. I have been by 1 practice and same for the meets and find them full of kids just hanging out. I will leave my comments to myself about how great hanging out is.

We have settled in after our trip and the fever everyone had is now going around. Conner and Cameron are the only ones not sick as of this typing and could change by the time I am done. I am still waiting for the green grass and mid afternoon showers. I won't hold my breath.

I am in love with theP90X program that I got. I have enjoyed the new energy, the great food and working out till I lay on the floor and cant breath. I injured my foot in 04 one night while on patrol. I had to get shoe inserts and wear them all the time. Not no more. Yoga is part of the program and I love the way I feel and think that is why. We don't buy special food and they lay it all out for you. I am in phase 2 and could eat a horse most of the time during the day.

I have not touched the basement or garage since I got back..I need to really bad.

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