Friday, April 17, 2009

Fire "Banana" Hole!!!

While on our trip to Utah someone said "Fire in the hole" Pierce said it...Fire Banana Hole and it has stuck! So in finishing the base plate in the basment I found myself saying it for fun.

Today brings alot of RAIN to our neck of the woods, our back yard is full of water and I am sure I will have to go do something to get it to move down the side of the house, I dont know what that is yet but will get wet finding out. For those who live where it rains all the time I will no be quiet!

The Basment has started to clear out. Years ago when I put the walls in I did not put presure treated base plate in. So I went back a tore out the old and put it in. Should have...anyway...I moved some walls and gained about 12" in the bedroom. A few years ago we had some mice in down there. I found that they had gone into the dirt under the cement pad. I had 3 shovel fulls of dirt that I had to move, not real happy about that. It did me good to kill them all off!

Here is a really cool thing that happed last night. I was working in Golden and our district 1 car was dispatched to a suspicous vehicle. It was on a street next to a hill side. As we were standing in the rain looking at the cars, Shawn hit the hill side with his spot run 2 deer. Then he says " cool, a Mnt Lion" I say " bull crap" sure enough there he was, his eyes were orange in the light reflection and off he went. He was stalking those deer.

For a family update, just about all of us have been sick with a fever and cold, etc. Tyler is almost back to himself and others are still coming along.

That is about all I have for those who care!

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Corinn and Trent Seely said...

That mountain lion was probably SO bummed out that you tipped off his dinner to run for their lives!-Corinn