Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back To Blogging..our summer update

I have to admit that social media is a addictive venture. But how much do I really need to know about what people are doing? I enjoy connecting with people face to face, and have a real conversation and really make a difference and have a deep connection. So I am back to updating this blog for family and friends.

The summer started with a trip in June up to scout camp with Tyler and Conner. The camp was at the Medicine Mountian Scout Camp in South Dakota. The boys and I loaded up and we hauled ALL the Scouts packs in my DJ trailer to camp. We traveled on a Sunday and the rest of the scouts arrived late Sunday night. We got to our camp and it was a little rainy and after we got the tent hailed...hard and then it was clear.

I went as a "DAD" so I was just hanging out. I did take my outdoor cooking set up, which rocks so I lead the cooking adventures since we cooked at camp.

We made a nice area for them to cook and the food was not all that bad. I was glad we are able to cook at camp! The one thing I did do is not let the scouts cut stuff up that needed to get chopped. I thought us adults should do it...well...I should have let them do it.

I will tell you this...the top part of my thumb is just now 95% healed after I just about removed it with my 10" hunting knife while trying to cut a onion. I am now known as "Onion Man" by the scouts and was given an award for it. I do have to say that I did let the scouts do the first round of 1st aid for some real life experience.

I won "Most Painful Splash" in the scout master big hurt like__________!

I got some love from Chuck Springer and the other guys I went up with. They made this for me..a fake onion and all. Laugh it up people.

Tyler and Conner both did Indian Lore and I caught them in the TP.

We took a day off of camp and we all took off and hit Custer, Crazy horse and Mt.Rushmore. All very cool and I don't know why we have not taken the time to go just 5 hours away. I will say that those Black Mountians are really peaceful.

The boys also got the rifle, basketry, widerness survival, and a few other merit badges. Tyler is going to start his Eagle project in the next few weeks, so we are excited for him.

Football has started for Tyler and he is going to be the 2nd quarterback as well as linebacker and a few other things. I am not coaching this year but I am helping with warmups and stretching them out. School starts in a week, so there you have it.

Cameron is out of the hospital after a 3 day stay for Kindey stones and all that goes with that fun adventure. I dont have to much to say about that for now. He is going in for a CT scan tomorrow to see what he has passed. If they are not gone then they are going to get them moving or go in and get them out. Yep kidney stones at 7. no fun.

Enjoy your day!

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