Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let us go Hunting and get a ticket, stuck and lots of snow!

Last Friday, Tyler and Conner and I loaded up and headed to Grandjunction to do a water test for my work and were going to throw in some Elk hunting for Tyler.

We made it out there and of course the people at the site were not ready for us and I could make a list of things that were not ready, but....

We took off on Saturday afternoon to a place south of Grandjunction and I thought we were in a 75 mph zone. Boy, that is what I get for thinking. I had a very nice Colorado State Trooper infourm me that it was in fact a 55mph zone. He wanted to leave me with a "thank you for speeding card" first one in a long time, 73 in a 55 and $162 to boot.

We got to the land we were hunitng and marched into it. It was cold and 12" of snow, but worth the hike. We kicked up some deer and we were 10 feet away form several deer including a very nice buck we could have hit with a stone. In all my years hunting I have never been that close to a buck like that. We hung out until dark, no elk and went back to our hotel.

The next day we did ou test and headed to Craig. We had a nice Trooper check on us when we stopped to take a break. We got into Craig and went into a spot where my good friend hunts, no elk but a great sunset.

We had been hauling my trailor so we had to go get it and ended up in the ditch!

A simple, put it in 4 wheele drive got us out, Tyler made a happy face on the back and Conner wrote, "we are stuck" then wrote "were" after we got out. Sorry for the blurry, iphone at night.

Then yesterday we drove around and covered ALOT of ground. It snowed all day and we decided to go back to the place where we took the sunset pictures. We got in there and hit a drift from hell and just like that, got stuck. This was not just a little stuck, this was 3 hours of digging and putting on chains stuck. I did some dumb stuff, like, got wet, over did it, got wet, could have had the suburban fall on me, got wet, it was about 20 degrees, got wet.

I got chains on 3 tires, they did not fit but I made it work. I stood there looked at the car, knew I was in touble if it did not move. I told the boys to gather and I said a prayer, got in a drove it out. We got back to the main road after 20 minutes and I got the chains off. It was now dark and I was very gratful not to be stuck.

Did I mention I got wet? Dumb move on my part. We got back to the hotel where we stayed and I got out of the warm car, it was dark, wind blowing, and 20 or so outside. I spent 3 minutes hooking up the trailor and getting dry clothes out of the back when it hit. Being wet, tired, cold and 3 minutes in the wind and I was in trouble. I could not breath, I stared to shake and could barley walk. I was chattering and Conner and I walked across the parking lot to the hotel. I got into a bath room and started to pull off wet clothes, and for a moment thought I would have to call the medics, no joking, I did not feel right and knew I had done a bad thing. I got the dry clothes on and it settled down. I think I got Tyler concerned, he asked me 3 times if I was ok.

We got on the road and drove 40-50 mph for 5.5 hours home. It snowed all the way to Golden.

This is what we saw for 4 hours, but we were warm and dry!

We stopped in Steamboat and hit the candy store and BoJo's Pizza. They made the wrong pizza and gave us the right one, so we walked out with 2 pizzas and hit the road. We got in a 1AM and were all very glad to be home with our family and eating MOMS food!

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Serena Cherry said...

Woah! That sounds like a nightmare! And...aren't cops supposed to be immune to tickets? Ha! Shows you how much I know. I am glad everyone got back safe and sound.