Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Busy Month of December

Above is a video shot while I played at our big party of the year. Is had to get shrunk to put on her so get out your glasses. We love this party, the crowd is the best and love to dance!

We have begun having our close friends come over to build Ginger Bread Houses. It is alot of work on our end but is quickly becoming a tradition for us and our friends. The children will be in school this week then be off for Christmas. Me and the big boys will go hunting for Tylers cow elk next weekend or right after Christmas. I am not ruling out the posibility of a road trip during the break.

I don't have loads to say right now but needed to update our blog a bit. I am begining to think alot about Trent and Corrin. I will never forget those moments with Brooke when I did not know if I was going to bring her home. So, Trent Seely, you don't have to worry about anything cuz I have it covered.

Peace out for now.

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Corinn & Trent Seely said...

T. Not worried. I'm good. You are all over it. Thanks for thinking of us.