Sunday, May 25, 2008

Summer Time in Colorado

We decided to start a rant since everyone else is and this seems to be the way to do it. I am working for Water Logic and have spent the last year installing systems in Mexico, Colorado and will leave in 2 days to install our first system in Canada. The company is going through a stock offering right now and will be doing that over the summer and scaling back production. I own Synergy Sound & Light and DJ house, trance, and dance music for all types of crowds. I am currently a police officer with the City of Golden police department reserve unit.

Brooke is running the front line at home with Tyler, Conner, Cameron, Taylor and Pierson. The 3 boys are now out for the summer and Tyler is 1" shorter than Brooke and will have us both passed up within the year thanks to the Seely and Munson side of the families.

We are looking to spend our summer around home and spend some time going to see family on the coast and out east. Tyler and Conner will be camping working towards merit badges. Trent will be going to LA again for conferences in July and who knows where else after that.

I will leave other info for Brooke to update.

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